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Hands on with the Davosa Neoteric Pilot

Davosa has some really nice, well-made watches. I have had a chance to review several of them, and have been really impressed so far. Normally I am more into divers but one of their models caught my attention. While checking out their list of models I came across the Neoteric Pilot 42mm. Davosa was able to send one out to review.

Hands on with the Davosa Argonautic Lumis Black

Davosa makes some very nice watches. I have reviewed their Professional TT, and their 46mm Titanium. Both were fantastic. Now I have got my hands on their Davosa Argonautic Lumis and I am really liking this one. It’s a bit of a mix of Rolex and Omega, and it has tritium tubes. Lets check this out.

Hands on with the 46mm Davosa Titanium

Davosa has a wide range of watches. They have divers, aviation, military, racing, and travel. All are very nice but one really stood out to me. While browsing their site I found the Davosa Titanium 46mm model, and  I could not wait to check this one out. I got in touch with the folks at Davosa and got a loaner in. Let’s check this one out and go over my thoughts on the watch from my time with it.

The September 2017 WWR Giveaway: a Davosa Ternos


Summer is just about wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean that we’re done giving away watches.  No, to the contrary, dear reader!  This month, we’ve got a rather tidy Submariner homage for you from our friends over at Davosa.

For your review – the Davosa Ternos GMT “Batman”

When it comes to iconic, readily-recognizable designs in the watch world, Rolex is certainly a brand that would be on the tip of most peoples’ tongues.  This is evidenced by our own coverage here, as we have looked at quite a variety of watches that pay homage to the Crown.  While there are certainly no end to the cheap (and cheaply built) in that arena, there are plenty of options (still affordable) for those looking for quality in their build.  Today, we’re having a look at another in that end of the spectrum, the Davosa Professional GMT.