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REVIEW: Egard Hunter




We’ve been keeping you up to date with hands-on reviews of the Egard lineup as they add models; today, we’ll be taking a look at their latest – the Hunter.

Black Friday and Holiday Deals – Updated, Again

Present BannerBlack Friday deals are in full swing, and the watch companies out there do not want to be forgotten.  We have already mentioned discounts from Lew & Huey and on the Tempest Viking V2, but here are a few more Black Friday and Holiday Deals designed to get a new watch on your (or a loved one’s) wrist.  And if none of these watches tickle your fancy, you can also check out our 2015 WWR Holiday Gift Guide.

Getting carved up – it’s the Egard Bermuda

Yesterday’s watch almost reveled in it’s elegant simplicity. What if you want something with, shall we say, a bit more flash to it? On Instagram, I’ve seen photos of watches that skilled engravers have gotten a hold of (and you know what, even Magrette has done some), and I find them amazing to behold. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the look. All of that handwork can raise prices a good bit, though. This new Egard Bermuda looks to help address that.

REVIEW: Egard Adoro



It’s been almost seven months since we took a look (here) at Egard’s initial outing.  They’re back with a new limited-edition watch, and we’re bringing you a hands-on review of it today.

To The Stars: The Egard Passages Review


Today, we have a writeup of a watch that I have patiently bided my time to have come in. Back in November of 2013, I first wrote about the Egard Passages over on aBlogtoWatch. As I had already established a relationship with the brand, I figured we would be seeing one in fairly quickly after that. Well, circumstances are what they are, and its a year and a half later. So, was it worth the wait to spend some time with the official watch of William Shatner, the Egard Passages?

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2015, for Dads and Grads

Mom has had her day, and my birthday has come and gone, but it is not too early to start thinking about gifts for dads, and since it is late spring, gifts for grads as well.  In this Fathers Day gift guide, I am going to point out some of my favorite watches and accessories that have crossed our (real or virtual) desks over the last few months, organized by price.

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