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S+arck’s Latest


starck_fossil_1.jpgIf you want high design and low price, go with the S+arck Fossil line. They’ve been doing some great work lately and these odd cantilevered models look stunning. This and another model should be available in the Fall.

phillipe starck’s latest fossil watches [technabob]

Fossil’s OLED Watches

No real info on these guys yet, but Fossil has been playing with OLEDS a lot and here’s some live video of them in action.

Product Page

Review: Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch

I wrote a review of Fossil’s Bluetooth watch over at The watch is cool, very stylish, but it might be a bit expensive for it’s one cool feature – it gives you a called ID readout on some Symbian-based phones. It’s cool, but I’m waiting for the next incarnation.

Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch Hands On [CrunchGear]

Fossil “Kinetic” Automatics

fossil-kinetic-watches.jpgFrom – Normal automatic watches usually cost a bit more than $95, but that’s how much you’ll have to part with to nab one of these Fossil watches. Fossil is known for its decent looking watches that are sub-$100, but you’d having an automatic mechanism would push the price up a bit—apparently not.

There’s about 11 styles to choose from, all hovering around $100. You could pick one up for every day of the week.

Fossil [via Treehugger]

Review: Abacus SPOT Watch


From – Let’s get one thing straight. We were about to write off SPOT. The technology, while very cool, has thus far been limited to a few geek watches and weather stations that the average Joe—the guy who might want to wear a watch rather than check the time on his cellphone—would consider picking one up.

That has changed, thanks to Microsoft’s decision to create a SPOT watch that anyone—from jock to dork to nerd to alternakid—would wear. I know that sounds like a shallow assessment, but it’s the truth. The one thing holding back SPOT was mass acceptance and understanding of the concepts behind this FM-radio based data transfer system. Now that Microsoft will have to explain the SPOT concepts to the rest of the free world, we’re might just be ready for a blossoming of the service into something ubiquitous and useful.

Fossil to Exit SPOT Market

Fossil, one of the early adopters in the SPOT race, is now bowing out as Microsoft re-tools that standard. The result? It’s pretty iffy in terms of future SPOT direction. Fossil had a huge supply chain and lots of sales and that’s definitely going to hurt things.

Fossil has made their last MSN Direct watch, at least for the foreseeable future. Coco and Glam were made in a tiny batch and sold to Tiger Direct. However we hear Fossil is no longer going to make new watches and will re-direct their technology efforts after current inventory is sold through. Microsoft has recently pulled the SPOT initiative back into R&D and appears intent on pushing the technology into other products like the weather clocks and integration with the PC and other Microsoft products.

With SPOT going back into the garage for a re-tooling, the hope is that it will emerge with more stability and functionality. Indeed, the commitment from Microsoft over the past several months has been just that, though any improvements are difficult for end users to see. In a recent post in our forums, a Microsoft representative disclosed they have been working on infrastructure improvements to make the network more reliable and efficient in bandwidth usage.

Review – Fossil Abacus


Phil Torrone at make rocks a full story on the Fossil Abacus, which may or may not be the last Palm watch ever.

have a bit of a fetish for gadgety watches (video). Why waste the precious wrist real estate on something that can -just- tell time. Last week on MAKE I posted my HOW TO on getting RSS feeds to a Microsoft SPOT watch (Swatch, Fossil, Suunto and few others make these watches). I’m always on the look out for the uber geek watch- wireless SPOT watches for getting RSS feeds, TV watches from Japan, binary watches that tell time in, well, binary. So when Brian Jepson sent me a link to a sale on the Palm based PDA watch for $70 (about %50 less than it was a few months ago) and I had some Tiger credit voucher thing- I thought I’d see what I could do with a PDA on my wrist.

Read the rest here.

Review – Up Close with the Asteroids Watch

Got my hands on a pre-production model of the Fossil Asteroids watch and was pleasantly surprised. It’s quite a beefy watch and makes interesting use of Fossils unique LCD technology. The screen is actually the Asteroids playing field complete with rolling asteroids and the little triangle spaceship.

Fossil Asteroids Watch

Ah, 1979. What a year. This tribute to one of the first video games, unfortunately, isn’t playable, but it would be so cool if it was. The hands are strangely familiar, I think. I can’t remember where I saw them before. This thing is $130 and I believe Fossil is expanding into other titles as well.

Check it out here.

Review – Fossil Wrist PDA

The biggest piece of vaporware since Windows Longhorn has finally hit the street: the Fossil Wrist PDA. Yes, it’s here, dropping mad science on all you geeks out there.