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Just when I thought I couldn’t like the GoS Sarek any more…

… I get news crossing my digital desk that shows just how much more to my tastes the watch can be made!  We’ve talked about other GoS Sarek watches before, and have spoken at length about the lovely colors achieved in the Damascus steel dials.  Those don’t glow, however, so GoS has gone a different direction to get color and lume on these new GoS Sarek models.

The GoS Väring goes for the bronze

I have made no secret over the past year or so of my affection for the watches that GoS have been creating.  This is due in large part to the damascus steel, of course, but it’s also how they play with color in the treatment of those dials that really grabs my attention.  Well, Baselworld is just around the corner, so it make sense that they’d announce a new model – the GoS Väring.

After midnight, GoS is going to let it all hang out

It does not seem like it was all that long ago that we were talking about a new blue dial for the GoS Sarek line, and you’re right – it wasn’t.  That writeup back in October covered off on the new Ice Blue.  Well, we’ve heard from the brand, and they’ve come up with what is likely my favorite to-date – the GoS Sarek Midnight Blue.

What’s colder than cold? The GoS Sarek Ice Blue!

One of the great things about being in the world of watch reviewing is building relationships with the folks behind the brand, as well as getting word of upcoming things that they have planned.  Patrik Sjögren (of GoS) and I have been corresponding for some time, and we’ve gotten to peek behind the curtain, as it were.  Their latest, the GoS Sarek Ice Blue takes their recognizable designs and paints it in quite a lovely shade of blue.  Oh, and also presents variants for both men and women.

GoS is celebrating an anniversary

It seems hard to believe it, but GoS (aka Gustafsson and Sjögren) have hit a milestone.  They have now been creating their watches with the Damascus steel dials and accents for a decade.  As part of hitting that 10-year mark, they have a few new things in the works.