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Mido Ocean Star Diver 600 Review

I’ve been writing about the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600 for close to 6 months now. It started back in November when the watch was launched and then again when the watch got tied into the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Well, we’ve finally gotten to spend some time with the watch, and can give you our hands-on impression of the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600.

Introducing the Mido Baroncelli Midnight Blue

There are a few things that should be immediately clear with today’s Mido announcement: I like blue watches, and I am fond of the Baroncelli lineup (you can see my last hands-on here). While normally we might give things a sort of “meh” shoulder shrug when it’s a new dial color coming in, today, there’s nothing meh about the Mido Baroncelli Midnight Blue.

Celebrating 60 years, it’s the Mido Commander Icône

When it comes to brands touting their heritage, there are more than a few that, shall we say, embellish the links to the past.  Then you have brands like Mido who have more concrete claims underscoring a release.  Take, for instance, the Mido Commander Icône.  When the brand is celebrating 60 years of unbroken production of a watch line, you can take that at face value.

Introducing the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600

I’ve looked at a few different Mido watches over the last couple of years, and while they have been a variety of types and styles, it’s safe to say that none of them were purpose-built dive watches.  That’s not something that the brand has really focused on or put to the forefront.  Well, that changes with today’s release of the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600.

Getting accurate with the Mido Multifort Chronometer

Over the past few years, we’ve brought you word on a variety of Mido watches, and have reviewed some as well (you can see all of our Mido articles here).  In fact, we’ve got another Mido review in the works right now.  While the Multifort watches often focus on the dials (rightly so), this time around, it’s actually the movement that is the focus of the Mido Multifort Chronometer.

Ahoy there, it’s the new Mido Ocean Star Automatics!

Even though we’re not in the midst of watch show season, there have still been plenty of new watch announcements as of late.  The latest to hit the wire – yes, even more recent than yesterday’s Apple Watch hullaballoo – are two new iterations in the Mido Ocean Star Automatic lineup.

Going big with the Mido Baroncelli Big Date

As we saw in my last writeup of the Mido Baroncelli line (right here) I quickly became of a fan of the classic styling.  I’ve also quickly become a fan of ways that make date displays easier to read, either via a cyclops (my favorite has it mounted under the main crystal, right in the date window), or, in a slightly different direction, getting a bigger set of date wheels (one for each digit).  That, of course, is what we have with the Mido Baroncelli Big Date.

The Mido Baroncelli III is svelte sweetness 

It was not all that long ago that I brought you my first hands-on impression of a Mido watch.  That was a big one, and I dug the Geneva stripes on the dial.  Then I wrote about their newly announced GMT (here), and it would be easy to slip into thinking that Mido just makes large, sporty watches.  If so, that would be a mistake, because they’ve got some rather lovely, smaller pieces. Today, we’re taking a look at one of those, the Mido Baroncelli III.

Time traveling with the Mido Multifort GMT

If you read my prior review on the Mido Multifort (here), you’re aware that I was, shall we say, smitten with the Geneva stripe treatment given to the dial.  It’s equal parts subtle and dramatic, and I dig the uniqueness of that movement finishing showing up front.  So, when a new GMT version was announced, it should surprise no one that I was all ears.  So, what does the Mido Multifort GMT have in store for you when it’s released later this year?

The Mido Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition shows its stripes

It was in the fall of last year when we brought you word of the Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition.  For me, I thought it was perfect, because it had a sort of “pumpkin spice” flavor to it (say what you will, but that remains my favorite pie spice mix, so it’s a positive term for me).  Well, it may now well be officially in to spring, but we’ve been spending some time with the watch, and we’re here to tell you what’s what about the Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition.