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Introducing the MKII Hawkinge


When it comes to brands producing homage watches, you certainly have no shortage of choice. There are all manner of mushroom brands haunting auction sites, as well as the more established – yet still built to an astoundingly low price point – brands turning out copies of watches that used to be. Then you get to brands like MKII who draw inspiration for their designs from those of the past (and are open about what those inspirations are), blend them together, and come up with something that is both recognizable and their own. Their latest foray is known as the MKII Hawkinge.

Leaping out from the fire, it’s the MKII Cruxible

With nouveau vintage miltary watches, we certainly have all manner of choice.  There are those brands who take the merest whiff of inspiration from some Army or Air Force watch that they ran across, and there are brands with a long history of actually producing true MilSpec watches (ie, those worn in active duty), with a pedigree (and, often, price tag) to match.  Then we come to the brands that are doing something special – without a military contract history, but still producing something that is robust and true to the spirit of what inspires it.  Bill Yao over at MKII has been doing that for years, starting out as a watch modding company.  These days, it’s his own designs we take delight in, and the latest was just recently announced – the MKII Cruxible.