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Review: Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 2599.80.00 Chrono Diver


I’m a bad watch reviewer. Not only am I not updating this site often enough, I’ve been hiding my gems under a bushel, offering up junk like crapola GMTs and monkey-brained divers. Why? Because the watches I love I can’t really review and the watches I review I can’t really love. So I’m torn, WWR fans. Torn.

I present for your inspection the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 2225.80.00 2599.80.00 Chrono Diver. Every collector chases a dream early on in his career – and often that dream doesn’t jibe with what he or she really wants. You could dig Seikos and then see an Ebel that knocks your socks off. You could love Rolex and then see an Omega that you must have. This watch is my early collector’s grail watch and I am happy to report that it is getting so much wrist time that I think I need to brush it down with rubbing alcohol because it is getting wrist stink.

Review – Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00


Writing about the Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00 is like trying to write about a classic muscle car. Words fail you and you fall back on cliche – classic, understated, collectable, impressive. It’s because of this that I took so long to start writing about my own Reduced – or Automatic, if you will – and why it’s one of the most important timepieces in horology.

The Speedmaster Professional is the moon watch, the one work by Buzz Aldrin on the first moon walk. The Speedmaster Reduced Automatic is the post-moon watch. It is a beautiful reduction of everything we love about the Pro with none of the manual winding hassle. With a stark black face and beautiful white baton hands, the Reduced allows you to own a piece of history while making the leap into a new era.

Speedmaster v Strela: The Battle Of The Moon Watches


Most “watch nerds” are familiar with the story of the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” and the ensuing cult of flight certified and flown wristwatches. However like many things in the cold war, including the Space Shuttle, Concord, and the Harrier behind the iron curtain a shadowy mirror image could be found competing with the western version. In the Soviet Union in the 1960’s and 70’s there was another column wheel chronograph strapped to the wrist of a man hanging in raw vacuum and remorselessly ticking away.

Review: Omega Speedmaster Day Date


I’m an Omega-lover to my core… not sure why, but over the few years I’ve been collecting, Omega has consistently excited and invited me without putting me off with odd designs and frou-frou styling. I wear my Seamaster Pro Chrono daily, rarely swapping it for other watches, and until it breaks or pulls me to the bottom of the ocean, that probably won’t change.

That said, I also like my Speedmaster Triple Calendar. I’ve had it for about a year now and didn’t write it up simply because I’m too lazy. However, it’s a real charmer.

Omega Releases The Speedmaster ’57 Co-Axial




As of late, what Omega is creating has really been grabbing more of my attention. After the ETNZ launch last month (here), where I saw more than one Speedmaster, I was intrigued, and started to look more closely at what the watch was, and I now understand and appreciate the appeal of the watch. Those who have been reading my articles for awhile now also know that I’ve been building a preference to white dials. But the Speedmaster only has a black dial, I hear you say. That was true, until this latest release.

Are you freaking kidding me? Omega perfume?

I love to smell nice as much as the next guy but this is too much. It’s Omega’s Aqua Terra for men. I guess it’s a cologne that smells like that mixture of sweat and leather you get when you wear the same watch all summer.

1915 Omega Petrograd

I’m thinking this Omega ain’t that hot, but it’s a nice concept. It’s basically a retread of a 1915 piece using caliber 2200 inside a rose gold case.

This Omega Museum watch is an absolute stunner. A limited [1915 pieces] reedition of the 1915 Omega Petrograd watch, featuring the omega caliber 2200 and in Red gold on a leather strap with reference number of 5703.30.0 it is part of Omega’s museum line of classic re-issues.

Omega Museum Watch [OmegaBlogger]

Omega – Olympic-tastic Part Deux


Omega just launched SIX more chronos for the Olympics Timeless Collection. I’m going to go through them all very quickly, but they’re all generally styled like the 1932 pocket watch we just posted and all of them have the little Olympic logo dongle hanging off of the seconds hand. They’re a bit too Rah-Rah Go Olympics for my taste, but to each their own.

First up:

The Speedmaster Date in the OMEGA Olympic Timeless Collection has red chronograph hands and blued-steel hour, minute and small seconds hands set against a white dial. Available exclusively with a matching stainless-steel bracelet, it retains the typical Speedmaster feature of a tachometer scale engraved on the stainless-steel bezel and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This chronograph is powered by the OMEGA calibre 1152 self-winding chronograph movement, which has an exclusive rhodium-plated finish and a power reserve of 44 hours. The Speedmaster Date of the OMEGA Olympic Timeless Collection is water resistant to 30 metres / 100 feet.

Omega Introduces the Seamaster Diver ETNZ Limited Edition (Hands-On)


Seamaster_ETNZ team new zealand res

As you may be aware, the America’s Cup will be kicking off in a few days on the 4th, with racing set to commence on July 7th.  Why should that matter here on a watch site?  It’s because Omega is sponsoring Emirates Team New Zealand in the series – and introduced a new limited-edition Seamaster to commemorate the partnership.

Omega releases the Seamster Aqua Terra 150M collection proving that ladies like mechanicals


Hey ladies! Omega is turning its gimlet eye towards you these days with the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M collection, a unique and beautiful bit of bauble that features a mechanical coaxial movement that is, as they say, to die for.

The collection is suitably diamond-studded and golden but the 38.5mm model also features a Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8500/8501 while the 34 mm models has the OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8520/8521. The watches themselves look great with delightfully readable date windows and really striking crowns.