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A Chrono Regained

Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Moon Watch Mens Watch 3570.50

OmegaBlogger, who has been on hiatus for about 50 years now, just posted a great story about a fella who bought a new old stock Speedmaster that had been lying in state in a safe deposit box for 36 years.

It was her father’s watch, he passed away in the early 70’s his wife just passed away this year(2005) . The watch sat in a safe deposit box since her husband passed away in the early 70’s. When she died her daughter became executer of her estate when the deposit box was opened there sat this watch,neither she or her siblings wanted to keep it ,so it was put up for sale ,I saw the ad,wanted it and bought it.

A Happy Speedmaster New Year! [OmegaBlogger]

Review: Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 2599.80.00 Chrono Diver


I’m a bad watch reviewer. Not only am I not updating this site often enough, I’ve been hiding my gems under a bushel, offering up junk like crapola GMTs and monkey-brained divers. Why? Because the watches I love I can’t really review and the watches I review I can’t really love. So I’m torn, WWR fans. Torn.

I present for your inspection the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 2225.80.00 2599.80.00 Chrono Diver. Every collector chases a dream early on in his career – and often that dream doesn’t jibe with what he or she really wants. You could dig Seikos and then see an Ebel that knocks your socks off. You could love Rolex and then see an Omega that you must have. This watch is my early collector’s grail watch and I am happy to report that it is getting so much wrist time that I think I need to brush it down with rubbing alcohol because it is getting wrist stink.

Oof! Waiting is the Hardest Part Part Deux


Ok, so I guess I’m OK. I just hope I don’t get my Seamaster back in the same shape !

When the watch first came back (about a month late against the estimate) it had been gouged by the tooling and was sent back for polishing but after rework it came back with a new gouge! This, to save time, was polished out in a couple of days by a local watch repairer kindly arranged by my dealer to alleviate my frustration at this stage. I received my watch back on 10 Oct 2003 (2 months later than the original estimate). This was short lived however, as within about 2 days the lower chrono button was loose and hanging off. It was returned once again for rework.

I picked up my Speedmaster on 5 November 2003, nearly 6 months after originally dropping it off for service. Ironically, I also picked up my (perfectly) repaired Seamaster on the same date. The Speedmaster was apparently working fine gaining ~6 secs/day. However, in February 2004, I noticed that not only was the watch apparently letting water in (splashed from hand washing) the chronograph second sweep hand now resets around +2secs.

I’d say that we actually need more watchmakers. I’ve been considering going to watch repair school at some point, and this might be the time.

Omega Speedmaster Service Screwed up by Swatch! [Velociphile]

OmegaBlogger Finds a Beauty

What a great old Speedy. I’ve been eyeing Speedys since I got my own and I just can’t push myself to get another one… or write a review on the one I have. But I do enjoy a good vintage.

Restoration is a personal thing, my view is that you need to keep the watch as original as humanly possible. On this 2915, sat in a drawer since the 70’s, there is not a great deal that needs doing. It needs an original crown and one is on its way, I have acquired a full set of hands if needed, we shall see as I’m not 100% convinced that the sub hands need replacing. The original bracelet 7077 is on the way too. Dial needs a clean, maybe just maybe a relume in tritium, maybe not. That leaves us with the bezel, its a tough one to call and a personal decision but I feel that its either original or its not, that leaves me with the task, the near impossible task, of locating an original bezel. The only other possible alternative is to have an exact replica custom made, and I mean exact! Its the “right” thing to do.

Check it out here.

Reviews: Omega DeVille Co-Axial GMT


I love Omega, but, the DeVille line kind of confuses me. The design is kind of off and the skinny numerals have a certain tacked-on look that I just can’t stomach. However, this GMT gained 2 seconds in a month and is just about as high quality an Omega as possible.

As a watch enthusiast, I have a certain degree of obsessional neurosis and a compulsive preoccupation with some aspects of watch design. One aspect is legibility and I must confess that I am very pleased with the DeVille. The contrast between the white dial and the rose gold hands & markers is beautiful and makes this a very legible watch.

TimeZone: Watch Reviews: Omega DeVille Co-Axial GMT (revised) [TimeZone]

Luminor vs. DeVille


Two great tastes that taste great together – the DeVille and the Luminor. I like the Luminor better – the DeVille line is a little busy. But nicey nicey.

Luminor vs DeVille – Watchuseek Watch Forums [Watchuseek Watch Forums]

Doodle dee doo doo doo doo: New Omega Bond commercial


While Bond used to love him some Rolex, it’s all Omega for James these days. This is the latest Quantum of Solace commercial pieced together for Omega to showcase the Seamaster 007 wears in the film.

Waiting is the Hardest Part

So I put a Seamaster Chrono in for some repair with the Swatch Group. Called once in April… “Oh, it’ll be ready in a week. Call back.” Ok. Cool. Call again: June 29th, baby, but don’t worry, we’ve got the parts! Then I call today and they tell me July 19. Seriously. I’m all for taking time and doing things right, but this is just ridiculous. If Apple, Lexus, or Bose, or any of those high-end folks tried this, they’d be shut down in a week.

Omega Launches Latest In-House Movement



Omega has traditionally used standard ETA or Valjoux movements in almost all of their pieces. The movements are considerably improved over the regular models, but they still come from the same pot. Now, however, they’re making their own COSC-certified movement with 202 components. It’s called the 8500/8501 and will wind up in their higher-end pieces for now.

Always at the forefront of technical innovations and renowned as the watchmaking company which produced the first-ever industrialised movement, OMEGA presented its exclusive in-house manufacture calibre 8500/8501 to a select audience during a press conference which took place today at the Cité du Temps in Geneva.
Replete with technologically- advanced features, the new automatic movement is a COSC*-certified chronometer comprising 202 completely redesigned components. It is naturally equipped with an upgraded version of OMEGA’s proprietary Co-Axial technology guaranteeing prolonged timekeeping accuracy and reliability over time. This virtuoso 13-lines movement has two barrels which increase the energy source to provide greater stability, thus ensuring an impressive 60-hour power reserve.

OMEGA unveils its exclusive in-house manufacture movement and launches its new Hour Vision collection. [Press Release]

A New Bond, a New Omega?

Omega Blogger comments on the new Bond and his potential Omega.

If Omega retain the “product placement” rights will they go with a new Bond watch? My money would be on the Planet Ocean, I think the old Bond watch is looking a little tired.

Check it out here.

Be like Bond…
Omega Seamaster James Bond Mens Watch 2731.80.00