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A New Bond, a New Omega?

Omega Blogger comments on the new Bond and his potential Omega.

If Omega retain the “product placement” rights will they go with a new Bond watch? My money would be on the Planet Ocean, I think the old Bond watch is looking a little tired.

Check it out here.

Be like Bond…
Omega Seamaster James Bond Mens Watch 2731.80.00

Omega Ranchero – Ranchero?


OmegaBlogger graces us with some pix of his Ranchero. He also has Taco Flavor and Vinegar and Salt Omegas, but they’re being repaired.

Check it out here.

Swatch Group Cracks Down


OmegaBlogger pointed out this interesting article on the Swatch group’s efforts to kill fakers.

Speaking to Khaleej Times yesterday Elsa Emch said the Swatch Group is committed to protecting the rights of its customers around the world and it will do whatever possible within its strengths to protect its customers from fake products. ???We will work closely with our local dealers to make sure that there is adequate brand awareness among customers in the region. A number of initiatives will be taken to enhance customer education, while brand awareness in the region will be increased through extensive media campaign and distinctive outlets.???

All the brand awareness in the world won’t stop folks from picking up a $40 Seamaster.

Check it out here.

Excellent Collection Shots

I love me a few good shots of Speedies in the wild. But dig that Eberhard!

Check out the rest here.

OmegaBlogger Selling Blue Dialled Omega Electronic


This excellent condition Omega features the innovative and supremely accurate F300 Tuning Fork movement. Holding a place in history as the first electronic watches it is based on the Bulova Accutron movements. Much preferred by the Omega collector due to the fact that the second hand sweeps round smoothly unlike the jerky action of the inferior quartz watches.

Check out the auction here.

Omega Makes You Take Off Your Shirt

The latest from Omega’s “Quality of Life Police” – You are no longer allowed to wear shirts or have hair when wearing the Planet Ocean. We are sorry.

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New Watch Blog – Omega Blogger


A cute, toungue-in-cheek blog about Omegas. Welcome to the team!

Check it out here.

Review – Omega Speedmaster Pro

I love my Speedy Auto, but I still pee a little when I see a Speedy Pro. Les Zetlein writes a very cute review of the Pro and mentions that Buzz Aldrain actually hated his Speedy. This, however, is a GREAT exchange:

“Yes,” said Carretta, “I’m looking for a high-quality, accurate but sturdy chronograph that can time events up to 12 hours.”
“Hmmmm. Manual wind or automatic?”
“Doesn’t matter, as long as it can be wound by hand as well.”