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Hockey Love for Breitling?


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CNN has an article about the recent trade of hockey star Jeremy Roenick from the Philadelphia Flyers to the Los Angeles Kings. Roenick who in June ignited a storm of controversy by telling fans who were irritated by the players’ union strike to stay away when the game came back and who told his critics “”I say personally, to everybody who called us ‘spoiled,’ you guys are just jealous,” was introduced at a press conference with his new team.

And while many people blasted Roenick for his comments, I’ve got to say that he redeems himself with this photo. Is that a Breitling on his wrist? It’s big so it might be the Navitimer World model. Any suggestions?

Review – Oris Williams F1 TT2 Day Date


Very cool review of the Oris Williams F1 TT2 by pnut with special little thumbs-up/-down signs symbolizing like and disgust. Very clever.

What attracted me to this watch to begin with was the sharp edge style, blue color lume material (rarely seen), and quality to value ratio that Oris watches offer. I own three Oris watches within my collection including this one, with another on the way. In the past, I have had as many as six at one time, again because of quality for the price, and unique style. This model is the TT2 Williams F1 Day Date. It commemorates the sponsorship Oris has over the Williams BMW F1 racing team.

Check it out here

Fossil Asteroids Watch

Ah, 1979. What a year. This tribute to one of the first video games, unfortunately, isn’t playable, but it would be so cool if it was. The hands are strangely familiar, I think. I can’t remember where I saw them before. This thing is $130 and I believe Fossil is expanding into other titles as well.

Check it out here.

Why Seiko Is So Good

Great post from the Dive Watch Forum:

Your previous post regarding watches you’ve had forever. This watch was my high-school grad present from my Dad in 1971, and I’ve had it ever since (obviously). It has been run over by a car, shot at, lost for four months in the snow (I went back later with a borrowed metal detector in the Spring). It’s literally been through Hell, and I will never part with it. It cost $95.00 brand new, and isn’t worth much more than that now but in terms of ‘priceless’ possessions, it’s at the top of the list.

Read the whole thing here.

Omega Makes You Take Off Your Shirt

The latest from Omega’s “Quality of Life Police” – You are no longer allowed to wear shirts or have hair when wearing the Planet Ocean. We are sorry.

Read more here

Seiko Orange Monster Chrono

I don’t like quartz chronos that well but this one is purdy. $230 ain’t half bad.

Check it out here

You can buy it here, apparently.

Review – Seiko Sportura SNJ005

Standard excellent review by WatchReport. Nice look at a worldtime Seiko.

The SNJ005’s world time feature is probably its primary appeal. It allows you to easily check the time in one of 28 different cities, and to watch two time zones simultaneously. I really like the way you select cities with the SNJ005, as well. All 28 cities are abbreviated around the bezel of the watch starting with GMT at the 12 o’clock position, and whenever you are prompted to select a city (in time set mode, world time mode, and world alarm mode), you press a button to advance the second hand until it points to the desired city. In case you’re not sure what the abbreviation stands for, the full name of the city scrolls across the top LCD.
Watch Report | Review of the Seiko Sportura SNJ005

Review – Vostok 24 Hour Aviator

OK. So this isn’t a GMT, but it has a 24 hour dial and, technically, shows two time zones, so it appears to fit the bill. Like many Vostoks, this piece feels like something that fell through the cracks in the 1980s – something post-Communist and pre-Mafiya that would be worn by mid-level bureaucrats and farmers alike, and perhaps the occasional cosmonaut during his long, post-outer space stint as a Moscow taxi driver.

That said, this is one of the nicest 24-hour pieces for less than $50 you can find.

Review: Glycine Combat Chronograph

An excellent review by Alex on TimeZone of a sub-$1000 chrono. I love the red hands.

Dial: This is the interesting part of the watch. I haven???t seen a black dial chronograph watch with all red color writings and hands. Since Glycine names this watch model as Combat Chronograph, I guess the red-on-black color scheme matches its name well, and it looks cool.

The Combat Chronograph also came in other color dials, but in my opinion the red/black dial is the coolest looking one.

There is a Tachymeter on the inside ring of the bezel. It creates a deep and sporty bezel appearance, another nice touch.

Read the rest here.

Portuguese Minute Repeater Squelette

This is a limited edition IWC that looks like the rats got to it. Purdy sexy.

Check it out here.