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The April 2019 WWR Giveaway: an Armitron Explorer

If you recall, it was just last month I reviewed a watch that I took to calling the Armitron Explorer. This is not, of course, what the brand calls it, but it’s what it made me think of when I had the watch in, so it’s what stuck. Now, it’s your turn to have a chance to win it, and form your own opinion!

No, not Keanu – the Orient Kano

It’s not just the big, high-end brands that are on a roll releasing all manner of new watches. Some of your favorite affordable brands are also getting in on that game. In the Orient Kamasu release, the brand teased that it was just the first of their new divers. We didn’t have to wait long until we found out what the next one is – the Orient Kano was just released yesterday.

You have just 7 days to back the Hamtun H2 Kraken

Oh, sure. I could have led with some awful “release the Kraken” comment. I could have resorted to that sophomoric sort of humor, or I could have referenced the epic film of my youth, Clash of the Titans. “The Kraken is the end of us. A colossal, elemental beast. Even the gods fear it.”

And it’s true. The Kraken’s gaping maw of teeth, and the ability to destroy whole cities, lives on in that madman’s mind, Hamtun’s creator Ross Davis, and the H2 dive watch named humbly, The Kraken.

New and more affordable, it’s the Alpina Alpiner Quartz

We’ve all seen the flood of new releases coming out of BaselWorld, and we all have our own personal favorites. By and large, the product we see coming out of the show is firmly in the four-figure and above range, which makes those watches a bit more aspirational. Alpina, though, they’ve got your back (and your bank account). The swooped right in with an affordable winner in the form of the Alpina Alpiner Quartz.

Going back in time and around the world with the Zodiac Aerospace GMT

Zodiac is one of those brands that disappeared for awhile, and now they’ve been back with a vengeance. Sure, they’re owned by Fossil now, but they’ve got a deep catalog to pull from, since vintage reissues seem to be where it’s at these days (works for the car companies, why not watches?) The most recent watch from them – just announced at BaselWorld – is the Zodiac Aerospace GMT.

Citizen announces a super-accurate “autonomous” watch


Last year Citizen announced something called the Caliber 0100, a movement that is accurate to within ±1 second per year. This makes it, in theory, the most accurate mechanical watch in wooooooorld!

Surveying the Helm Boots Spring/Summer 2019 Lineup

If you recall, last year I went hands- (and feet-) on with a newer footwear brand out of Texas, Helm Boots. Warmer weather is approaching, so we we start thinking about changing out straps on our watches. In the same way, perhaps the pair of boots you’ve been kicking around in the salt and slush need to be swapped out for something fresh for spring. If that’s the boat you find yourself sailing in, Helm has as new lineup ready for you.

Introducing the Hemel HFT20 Night Ops

Just a few days ago, Hemel launched a new version of it’s HFT20 series, the Hemel HFT20 Night Ops. On the surface, it looks like the watch was just hit with a coat of paint (as compared to prior models), but there’s a bit more to it than that. And of course, if you’re not familiar with the watch to begin with, well, let’s get you acquainted.

Introducing the newest Rado Captain Cook

The Rado Captain Cook lineup first hit the scene in 1962, and was produced for six years. Then, it took a sizable nap until the brand brought it back in 2017. For 2019, it’s going back to it’s roots, in a very literal sense. By that, I mean that the newest Rado Captain Cook is very much like the original.

Looking around with the Armitron Explorer

Armitron is likely a brand most folks don’t pay too much attention to, at least, those who read watch blogs. Right or wrong, it’s just not a brand that attracts attention. That said, they have such a varied catalog it would be all but impossible to find a watch that fits your tastes. One of the nicer-looking pieces I’ve had in from them is the subject of today’s review – the Armitron Explorer.