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Graham Chronofighter 1695 Silver Review


We first brought you word of Graham”s tribute to their founder, George Graham, back in September. At the time, it seemed like that writeup was about all we were able to give you, as the official word is that none of these silver creations were going to be coming stateside. Long story short, interest from folks like you was recognized, and the Chronofighter 1695 is now available in the US – and as a result, we”re able to bring you today”s hands-on review.

Fossil Dean Automatic Watch Review



Today, we’re going to take a look at a brand that likely everyone reading these pages is familiar with – Fossil. I’d hazard a guess that most of us have at one time or another had a Fossil watch in our collections, and for good reason – they’ve got a variety of different styles to accommodate just about any taste, and they come in at affordable price points. As of late, they’ve been expanding their offerings to encompass automatic movements, and we’ll be reviewing one of those models today.

Elliot Brown Canford Review


The British watch industry really seems to have had a resurgence the last year or so, with a variety of smaller brands coming to the market. Of course, that means that brands needs to do something to separate themselves from the pack, and the folks over at Elliot Brown have focused on the robustness of their watch. For the price points you’ll find their watches coming in at, it is a surprising amount of punishment they put the pieces through.

Lew & Huey Acionna Prototype Review


For anyone who spends any amount of time checking out the watch projects on the various crowd-funded sites, you’re not doubt familiar with the Lew & Huey brand, which started up in 2012. They just wrapped up funding one of  their latest models, the Acionna, and they’ve sent over one of their prototypes for us to spend some time with.  Read on to get our hands-on take on this new watch.

CT Scuderia Salt Flat Racer “0-60” Review


Today, we’re crossing off another brand from the list of those that we’ve not covered on these pages – that brand is CT Scuderia. In an interesting mix of nationalities, we’ve got this Italian brand bringing us a watch that carries an American name – Salt Flat Racer.

The Gavox Legacy Review


The last time we covered Gavox (here and here), we were looking at watches that very much fit the military / aviation theme.  Today, Gavox is back on our pages with a watch that takes things in quite a different direction.  While I won’t go so far as to call it a dress watch, it is indeed a more refined-feeling piece.

Prometheus Sailfish Review



Vintage dive watches always seem to be a popular category, and we’ve seen quite a few hit the market in the last year or so. Many of these draw inspiration from the famous Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (here’s a modern version of the original) which first appeared in 1953. This is the precise model the latest watch from Prometheus draws from.Prometheus-Sailfish-05

A Watch For The Weather



With the crazy low temperatures across the U.S. today (it’s currently -14° F where I’m at, with a mess of snow), it got me to thinking about how happy (or not) our beloved watches would be outside in these temps.  Sure, a digital piece wouldn’t have as many moving parts, but LCDs don’t like the cold, and an analog display might still have problems.  What if you wanted a mechanical on your wrist?  Then we’ve got the watch for you!