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In Review (and funding soon): Vesuviate Volare GMT

As I’ve said in the past, one of the best parts about writing on watches is getting familiar with new brands starting out. As things progress along, we’re generally able to start seeing at least photos and specs in advance, and sometimes we even get to spend some time with a prototype. While we’ve had plenty of excitement around here for the new Seiko GMT movement, this is the first one we’ve gone hands-on with. Meet the soon-to-be-funding Vesuviate Volare GMT.

Recently released: Adsum Timex MK1


Once again, collaborations in the watch world are reigning supreme. Earlier this week, one hit from Brooklyn-based clothing company Adsum, giving a few tweaks to create the Adsum Timex MK1.

In Review: Tutima M2 Seven Seas


The last time we were talking to you about the Tutima M2 Seven Seas (which you can see here), we were covering the new dial colors that had been released. While it’s been about a year since that release, the dials are still indeed available, and we were recently able to have a loaner in of this titanium-encased K├╝rbis.

Recently Released: Tom Ford N.004


While there are a few brands that have leaned into watches made from ocean plastic, it’s just a single model most often. Just recently, Tom Ford released their second model (we covered the prior ones here) that embraces the recycled plastic taken from the oceans. Meet the Tom Ford N.004.

Introducing: Casio Protrek PRG340


When it comes to a watch to head into the outdoors with, there are a number of smartwatches you could go with, or you could opt for a no-nonsense digital watch to keep things simple. If you feel like you need something that’s somewhere in-between, it would be hard to argue against the Protrek lineup. Just recently, they released another model that relies on bioplastics, the Casio Protrek PRG340.

In Review: Undone Aquaman


While I’ve been known to enjoy many a different comic book character, show, or movie, I’ve always leaned a bit more towards DC. While Batman is where I put the #1 tag, the whole of the Justice League has some interesting folks. Well, ok, Aquaman has always felt a little underwhelming, at least until we got Jason Momoa’s interpretation of the character. While I’m not sure what sort of watch Arthur Curry would actually want or need, the Undone Aquaman does look like it could get the job done.

In Review: SevenFriday Free-D 2


As we mentioned in our recent writeup, we were working on getting a loaner in of the SevenFriday Free-D 2 to get a better sense of this funky, 3D-printed creation. We’ve spent some time with it, and have some thoughts to share.

In Review: Staple x Fossil


A few weeks ago, we brought you word of the latest collaboration between Jeff Staple and Fossil (you can read about that here). Since the time we wrote that, we’ve been spending some time with this funky automatic holographic sundial watch. Read on for what the Staple x Fossil has in store for you.

Recently Released: moVas Bronze Diver II


Recently, another new model hit the moVas website – the moVas Bronze Diver II. This is, as you might correctly guess, an update to their prior Bronze Diver. While there is a lot to like about this large bronze diver, it seems to us that the dial is the clear start of the show.

Recently Released: Soulland x Skagen Grenen


Continuing the theme of collaborations that we’ve been seeing this year, we’ve been told about another one that brings together two Danish brands – Soulland and Skagen. Soulland is a fashion brand, and this collaboration design was on the runway at the fall 2022 Copenhagen Fashion Week. Meet the Soulland x Skagen Grenen.