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Hands on with the Phoibos Great Wall 500M

This is now my third review on the Phoibos watch brand, previously having looked at their Ocean Master and Sentinel watches. Both were very nice, well made watches. Lately, I was able to get my hands on their newest model, the Great Wall. That would be referring to the Great Wall of China and as you read on you can see why.

Keeping watch with the Phoibos Sentinel PY019A

Phoibos has a great lineup of dive watches (I previously did a review on their Ocean Master back in February which you can see here). In short, they are well-made dive watches that do their job. Recently, I checked out their site and found a new model that really stood out. This new model is called the Phoibos Sentinel. It was not a diver, it’s more of a military/field watch. I was intrigued so I contacted them and was able to get one of them in for review. Lets check it out.