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Carve out some time for Projects Watches

By now, you are no doubt aware that we here at WWR dig into the design details of the watches we learn about and review. One of the many areas of focus is often the dial. With this, we often wax semi-poetically about the various levels and changes of texture on a dial – or, conversely, how well a simple, matte dial works in a particular watch. If you find yourself more in the textured detail camp, then the just announced Projects Watches Carve is the one for you.

Projects Watches Brings M&Co and Mado to your wrist

While it can be hard to stay on top of all of the new watches that are released by the smaller brands (as there is not necessarily a pattern to the schedule), we do our best to stay on top of it.  Of course, that is helped along by our relationships with those brands, as we generally hear about things in advance.  One of those brands is of course Projects Watches.  Today, we’re going to cover three watches that they have coming out this month.

Introducing the Drawing 17 from Projects Watches

When it comes to watches, I am generally able to figure out how to read the time on the watch, as well as grasping at least the basics of how it is things are being indicated on the dial. With a simple three-hander, there’s not much to decipher, as it’s rather familiar. You can get into some esoteric designs and displays though, and then it gets a bit trickier. I will admit, when I first saw the images of the Drawing 17 from Projects Watches, I finally had to ask the brand to enlighten me as to how it was working.

Introducing the Projects Watches Grand Tour


Whenever I get news of new releases from Projects Watches, I always make sure to pay attention.  Sure, not every design is a solid win for me, but there is always at least one gem.  That streak holds true with their upcoming (in May) re-release of the only dual-time Michael Graves-designed watch, the Projects Watches Grand Tour.

Introducing the Projects Watches Scallop Watch


You know who we haven’t heard from in awhile? Projects Watches, that’s who. Late last year we had a good spate of coverage on different watches they’ve released, and we even ran a giveaway for a Michael Graves-designed Newark. Well, they are back again with another Graves design, but this time this is a watch definitely intended for the fairer sex. Let’s have a look at what the Projects Watches Scallop Watch has in store.

The November 2015 Giveaway: Projects Watches Newark Museum Watch


If you recall, we first brought you word of the re-issued Projects Watches Newark Museum watch back in August. Now that the watch has been released, we have a rather nice opportunity for you to win serial number 100 of the new edition.

Introducing the Projects Watches Ora Major


Projects Watches is not a brand that seems to rest on its laurels. Sure, they have re-issues from their back catalog (like the Newark Museum Watch), but they also are creating new designs. We have featured a few different ones over the last year, and their latest takes a love of geometry and pushes it to the stars. That watch, designed by Alessio Romano, is the Projects Watches Ora Major.

Introducing the Projects Watches Newark Museum Watch


For those familiar with the watches that Michael Graves designed for Projects Watches, you might be wondering why we are talking about a watch that was designed and first released back in 1998. Simply put, the brand is re-releasing the watch (in two limited-edition variants) in a tribute to Graves. Let’s have a look at what this new Projects Watches Newark Museum Watch is all about.

Reintroducing the M&Co PIE Brass Watch from Projects Watches


As should be no surprise to readers of our site, Projects Watches creates watches that are driven first and foremost by design. These are not the watches you’ll see in the local mall that many will dismiss as “fashion” watches. No, these are watches that pull designers in from other industries and give things an interesting look. Until recently, I was not aware that they started collaborating with M&Co – a design shop of some reknown – back in 2005. Drawing on that relationship, Projects Watches is reintroducing the M&Co PIE Brass Watch.

Projects Watches Suprematism, Art History Degree Not Required


Project Watches is a company that is constantly looking for new ways to use elements of design and art in the way a watch tells time.  There are times I think they are a little obtuse, and there are times that the designs work, and there times where the inspiration is a little obtuse, but the design still works.  This is the case with the Projects Watches Suprematism.  I will get into the basis for the design in a moment, but for me, the design works.