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It’s the latest Monster – but is the Seiko Prospex SZSC003 the greatest Monster?

Spoiler alert – that’s going to be totally in the eyes of the beholder.  While we here at WWR are ardent supporters of the Seiko Monster, and most of us have our own (first gen) ones, I cannot say as I’ve followed the evolution of the line all that closely.  That is, until I came across the third generation, aka the Seiko Prospex SZSC003.

It’s frenetic and kinetic, it’s the Seiko Prospex SUN065

Today, we come to the end of the current trio of PADI special edition watches we had come in from Seiko.  They’re all dive watches, of course, but they approach things quite differently.  We had the purpose-driven mechanical and the solar-powered dressier option.  That then leaves us with the Seiko Prospex SUN065, which is unlike both of those that preceded it on our pages.

Here comes the sun, it’s the Seiko Prospex SNE435

In yesterday’s Seiko review, I stated that the SRPA83 felt severely out of place on my wrist, what with my diving being limited to desks and the local pool on occasion.  Well, I think I’d put today’s watch, the Seiko Prospex SNE435, on the other end of that spectrum.  Sure, it hits the ISO standard for SCUBA diving, but this feels like one that won’t complain about some desk diving.

Chasing the Monster Tuna with the Seiko SRPA83

We here at WWR have long been fans of Seiko.  In fact, our default recommendation, when someone asks for a watch suggestion, is to check out the Seiko Monster line.  It’s got classic looks, amazing lume, and the robustness that a dive watch brings to the table.  Now, if you ever wondered what would happen if the Monster got into body building, well, wonder no more, as the Seiko SRPA83 seems to answer that question.

The newest Grand Seiko marches to it’s own beat

Yesterday, we talked about a “baby” Grand Seiko.  Well, today, we’re talking about one that truly is a Grand Seiko, one that ticks away at one very, very quick pace – the Grand Seiko SGBH263G.

Grand Seiko announces its Caliber 9F 25th-anniversary limited editions

With their Hi-Beat and Spring Drive movements, it’s easy to forget that Grand Seiko also produces high end quartz pieces. Introduced in 1993, these watches were accurate to within plus or minus five seconds per year and featured a high torque gearing system with an instantaneous date change. The Grand Seiko quartz caliber 9F83 was revolutionary for its time and to celebrate the 9F, Grand Seiko is releasing two 25th Anniversary limited edition pieces at Baselworld 2018.

The Seiko Presage SARX055. A Grand Seiko for the every man?

Are you a fan of the Grand Seiko “Snowflake”? If you’re a watch geek and you’re breathing, chances are you probably wouldn’t kick the Snowflake out of bed, right? Unfortunately, even as an “entry level” piece to the world of Grand Seiko, the Snowflake remains firmly in the would-love-to-own-it-but-can’t-afford it bucket for the vast majority of us. Until now. Well, kind of.

Having a gander at the Seiko Prospex SPB071J1

While we have covered innumerable dive watches, and also like to dwell in the part of the watch world where affordability, functionality, and style all live peacefully together, there is one brand (and a big one at that) that we have not paid as much attention to as of late – Seiko.  Sure, we do love our Orange Monsters here, but we’ve not focused much on their new releases (which, given all I’ve seen of the Presage line lately, is a miss).  One of our readers so helpfully pointed out in our Slack channel a new blue-dialed release that he thought would grab my eye, and he was spot on.  Let’s see what the Seiko Prospex SPB071J1 has in store for you and me.

A reader-submitted review of the Seiko SARX035 (aka, the Baby Grand Seiko)


Editor’s note:  today, we’ve got a reader-submitted review of the Seiko SARX035, which just recently hit his wrist.  Read on to get Mr. Jose Contreras’s thoughts on the watch!  And, if you want to submit your own, drop us a line or talk us up over in Slack

The “Baby Grand Seiko” – A Value Proposition

Have you ever wanted a Grand Seiko, but just could not justify paying Rolex money for one? Many face this commumdrum, as they love the design, aesthetics and smooth sweep Spring Drive/Hi-beat movements.  But when you are spending three to five thousand dollars for a watch, more “prestigious” options are available. This makes aquiring a Grand Seiko seem almost irresponsible.  Enter today’s watch, the Seiko SARX035.

Hands On Another Spinnaker Spence SP-5039-02

Spinnaker Watches offers the Spence dive watch in their vintage category that has good-enough wearability but lacks a few key underwater dive functions. If you dive from the edge of the pool, this might add some color to your water-watch collection.