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Our Valentine’s Day Pick: The Seiko Automatic Deep Blue

Want a great Valentine’s Day product for your best friend/lover/important person in your life.

Everyday Carry: A Soldier’s Seiko


It is time once again for us to take a look at what our friends over at Everyday Carry have on their pages, and today is a pocket dump from one of our hard-serving Army members.  Why was this one picked?

Historical Horology – The Seiko Tuna


Welcome back to another Seiko-flavored edition of Historical Horology. Last week’s dive into the Seiko Monster proved popular, which makes sense. The Monster is a popular entry-level diver, and it is also one that John and I have recommended quite a bit. While that last article really was more of a look at how the watch and it’s movement are put together, this week we do have a more historical look at the Seiko Tuna. It’s not a particular deep history, considering that the watch was introduced in 1975, but it is a history nonetheless.

Historical Horology: The Seiko Monster


Welcome to our latest edition of Historical Horology, the series where we dive into some aspect of the history of watches and watch making.  While we often hop into the wayback machine for this series, this time around we are focusing on something a bit more recent, and on a watch that many of us either currently own, or have owned in the past – the Seiko SKX779, aka the Seiko Monster.

Watching the Web for September 12, 2015

watching the web

Morning Dew On A Web Desktop BackgroundAnother week is in the books, so it is time for another edition of our Saturday feature, Watching the Web, where we take a spin around to other web sites and find recent articles that have piqued our interest.  We also use this as a chance to highlight the articles from our site that managed to grab the most views over the last week or so.  First, from the rest of the watch watching world, I wanted to point you to a side by side comparison of two budget dive watches, a look at the HYT H2 Aviator, and a special Star Wars themed watch.  From our own site, the reviews of the ManchesterWatchWorks Westminster and Vergennes watches, the Tactico Geomaster GMT, and the Tag Heuer AquaRacer Ceramic were all popular this week.

Watching the Web for August 29, 2015

watching the web

Spider WebWelcome once again (or just welcome if you are a first time reader) to our regular Saturday post, Watching the Web.  Here, Patrick and I take turns scouring the internet for interesting watch related articles we can point you towards, and we get a chance to crow about our own more popular posts over the last week or so, just in case you missed them.  For the external links this week, I wanted to point out a review of the Seiko Spirit SCVE003, an essay on not owning a Rolex, a review of a single hand MeisterSinger watch, and a little wrist time with the MB&F Legacy Machine 1.  From here at Wrist Watch Review, the most popular articles were the Deep Blue Sun Diver 1K, the Torgoen Scorpion, and a look at a pair of EDC posts.

Watching the Web For August 1, 2015

Morning Dew On A Web Desktop BackgroundAre we officially in the dog days of summer with the start of August?  Where did the summer go?  Regardless, we are at a weekend, and that means we have our Saturday post, Watching the Web, where we look in on watch related posts on other sites, and take a look back at our own most popular recent posts.  This week, Slate (a news site) ran an article on the surprising watch it thinks will revolutionize the Swiss Watch Industry, Worn & Wound’s looked at the Seiko X Nano Universe collection, and ABTW’s featured a write up of the Rpaige Crash of 29.  From our own pages, the Orient Mako, Redux & Co Courg, and the Æther Watch Co. AE01 were all top reads.

Great Gifts For The Watch Lover In Your Life: The Orange Monster (Seiko SKX781)

Welcome to the WWR Gift Guide, our annual run-down of some of our favorite watches. Today let’s look at the famed Orange Monster AKA Seiko SKX781 Automatic Dive Watch. This is my absolute favorite beginning collector’s watch and, at about $200, it is very reasonably priced.
No sub $200 watch holds so much cachet and rapt attention as the Orange Monster. It is hefty, colorful, beefy, and cool. It is extremely solid, extremely reliable, and water resistant to 200 meters. Why is the Orange Monster so popular? It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s a Seiko. It’s a beater, but it’s a beater that will get you compliments.

Orange You Glad I Said Seiko? (REVIEW) (Part 2)


In yesterday’s post, I started giving you my thoughts on the classic Seiko Orange Monster.  Today, we’ll wrap things up.  We left off yesterday with what struck me first – its size and heft.  Now, on to the other observations that surprised me.

Orange You Glad I Said Seiko? (REVIEW) (Part 1)


Been a Seiko kick here for a few days, so I thought I’d keep the ball rolling with a review I’ve had kicking around for a few weeks now.  Now, given that I’ve told you it’s a Seiko, and Orange is in the title, 99% of you have figured out we’re talking about the ultimate entry-level automatic dive-watch, the Seiko Orange Monster.  (For the other 1%, just look over there at the picture.)