Recently Released: SevenFriday Free-D 2 and 3


By now, you should be familiar with SevenFriday, and the watches they’ve been producing. We’ve covered a number of them (most recently here). Those watches have all been very recognizeable. For their 10th anniversary, SevenFriday has come up with something quite different: the SevenFriday Free-D 2 and 3.

Hands on with SEVENFRIDAY Q2/01 Regulator

Since their first watch release of the P1/01 back in 2012, I have always been intrigued by SEVENFRIDAY. Their funky dials housed in odd shaped cases make all their models stand out and call for attention. Up to now I have only seen them in pictures and had to admire them from afar.

In Review: SevenFriday Free-D 2


As we mentioned in our recent writeup, we were working on getting a loaner in of the SevenFriday Free-D 2 to get a better sense of this funky, 3D-printed creation. We’ve spent some time with it, and have some thoughts to share.

Hands-on review: SevenFRIDAY S3/01, made for gearheads


SevenFRIDAY came on the scene a few years ago, and have carved out a unique niche in watches, making pieces that don’t look like anything else. The S3/01 is one such watch, and we were fortunate enough to review the S3/01 SEVENFRIDAY.

Introducing: SevenFriday Beach Club


We will be among the first to admit that the SevenFriday style can be a bit polarizing. By that, we mean there is no middle ground, either you like the circles-in-a-square theme, or you’ve decided it’s just not for you. They know their design language, and they stick with it. For the arrival of warmer weather, they’ve released the SevenFriday Beach Club.

Introducing: SevenFriday Yacht Club II


Not that long ago, SevenFriday took us to the beach with two brightly-colored releases (covered here). Well, what do you sometimes see way out in the water when you’re at the beach? Yachts, that’s what! Keeping the 10th anniversary ball rolling, they’ve just released the SevenFriday Yacht Club II.

In Review: SevenFriday Caipi


While I was fairly certain I had reviewed a SevenFriday before, it took some digging. Turns out, it’s been over eight years! Since then, the brand has kept on producing their watches, hewing closely to that formula that we first saw 8+ years ago, not that long after the brand started out. Still, when we had a chance to get a loaner in of their latest – the SevenFriday Caipi – it was easy to say yes.