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Introducing: Shinola Detrola Sea Creatures


Just in time for World Ocean Day, Shinola is introducing new versions of their versatile Detrola platform. This time around, the watches are known as the Shinola Detrola Sea Creatures.

Introducing the Jake Burton Carpenter Shinola


Even if you’re not a snowboarder (I most certainly am not), you are no doubt familiar with the snowboarding gear brand Burton. Well, as with most brands, it actually started out as the brainchild of one person. In this case, it was Jake Burton Carpenter back in 1977 who decided standing sideways on the snow was the way to go. He passed about a year ago, and this new Jake Burton Carpenter Shinola is being done in honor of what he built.

Introducing the Shinola Detrola Silly Putty


There are all sorts of different putties out there for kids to play with – heat-sensitive, magnetic, glowing, and the like. There’s no disputing that the OG of them all is Silly Putty. I mean, can your glitter-filled putty lift ink from a newspaper? To commemorate this durable childhood staple, we’ve got a new watch, the Shinola Detrola Silly Putty.

Introducing the Shinola Station Agent


If you know one thing about me (aside from my penchant for GMT watches), it’s that I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to watches from Shinola, since they’re built in my old hometown. Now, they’ve embraced the train history of Detroit with the Shinola Station Agent.

Just in time for cooler temps – it’s the Shinola Ice Monster

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a new release in the diving-focused line from Shinola. Most recently it was their bronze variant (which we covered here), and before that we went hands-on with the Lake Michigan Monster (here). Well, here comes winter, and a new watch perfect for that color palette – the Shinola Ice Monster.

Shinola is getting out the vote with the Detrola


In case you weren’t aware (and were wondering why you saw so many “get registered” notices), today is Voter Registration Day. Shinola feels strongly about this, and are encouraging folks to get registered to vote, introducing a new Detrola to do just that.

New from Shinola: The Runwell Field Watch


While Shinola has introduced a number of different styles across their lineup, the Runwell has been a perennial favorite, and has become the basis for a number of different versions (even including desk and wall clocks). While many Runwells have had what I’d call an upscale casual look (with the high-polish cases), they’ve decided to introduce one that’s a bit more rugged – the Shinola Runwell Field Watch.

Times are different – and the Shinola The Champ Detrola recognizes that

No doubt, we all had different visions in our mind for how 2020 was going to play out. For many, the 2020 Summer Olympics were no doubt going to be a highlight. Shinola had planned a watch to commemorate the Olympics, but those got delayed – as did their watch plans. Until they realized they could honor another amazing contender, our healthcare workers. So, they pivoted, and now the Shinola The Champ Detrola has a new mission.

Introducing the Shinola Detrola Radio Flyer

You know me – if Shinola is talking about a new model, well, I?m at least taking a peak. We?ve talked about their Detrola lineup before, which brings colorful designs (and a resin case) to the table. Well, this time around, they?re pairing up with an iconic part of childhood, and introducing the Shinola Detrola Radio Flyer.

A watch tailor-made for today – the Shinola Twenty After Four

Now, just in case you’re not even remotely aware of what’s going on in pop culture, today is (along with being April 20th) 420 day. In other words, a celebration of cannabis culture. In celebration of that – and to raise funds for two charities – we’ve got the Shinola Twenty After Four.