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For when you can actually go surfing, why not the Shinola “The Duck” ?

In the world of watches, there is no doubting the popularity of the dive watch. It’s an ever-present style in the broader category of sports watches, and it screams of robustness intended for hard use outside. The problem is – how do you make your dive watch stand apart, particularly if you’ve not got decades of history to pull upon? Well, you focus on a different aquatic sport, say, surfing. That’s what Shinola has done with the introduction of The Duck.

Introducing the Shinola Smokey Robinson collection


When it comes to music and Detroit, the obvious association is Motown, and all of the artists that came through that label, it only makes sense that when Shinola was looking for their next ?Great American? to honor, they?d go there. For that honor, they?ve selected none other than Smokey Robinson.

Carrying a piece of home with the Shinola Vinton Petoskey

If you grew up in Michigan, the Petoskey Stone likely holds a special place in your memory. For those not so fortunate, just know that the Petoskey stone is a stone that?s more of a fossil (fossilized coral, to be exact), and was named the state stone of Michigan in 1965. The designers over at Shinola realized that they could further underscore Michigan roots by making a dial of this material, and that brings us to the Shinola Vinton Petoskey.

Hands On with the Shinola Omaha

I probably sound like broken record as of late, but Shinola has really been coming up with some releases that have resonated with me. Call it good design or the fact I?ve not been back home for awhile, but whatever it is, these are hitting like an ice cold sip of Rock ?n Rye. And just like that Faygo offering is different from most other pop you?ll experience, the Shinola Omaha is giving you something that you don?t see much from brands these days.

Shinola is honoring art and architecture


In what we’ve written about here, we’ve showcased watches that are influenced by – or even designed by – artists and architects. One of my favorite brands has dipped their pen into that inkwell now, with new limited-edition clocks and a watch.

Introducing Shinola Bronze Monster

While I have been a fan of a number of Shinola watches (in fact, talked about an interesting new one just the other week), the Monster series was one of the most interesting ones. Those saw the brand break from the mold they set for themselves and create a classic – yet recognizable as a Shinola – Swiss-powered dive watch. It started with a limited editionand then a regular production model (which we reviewed here). Now, they’re back with a new version – the Shinola Bronze Monster.

Introducing the Shinola Omaha

You know me by now – if Shinola releases a new watch, I’m going to be paying attention to it. I’m particularly fond of those that break away from the standard circular shape (ala the Brakeman). Well, their latest definitely breaks that mold, squaring things off in the form of the Shinola Omaha.

Introducing the Shinola Detrola

Shinola is a brand that knows what works in their watch lineup. Some other components of the catalog may have not hit quite as well (I’m looking at you, Audio category), but watches are humming along. So, how do you take a popular design (the Shinola Runwell) and mix it up and make it fresh? You go with a new case material, and give it a new name – the Shinola Detrola.

The Shinola Runwell, now with an automatic transmission

When it comes to products coming out of Detroit, most turned their noses up when something with the word “automatic” came on the scene. Nowadays, those manual gearboxes are going the way of the dodo (or will we simply call it the CVT crisis?) When it comes to watches, though, many a-folk is pretty happy to hear automatic. So, for those folks (and me), we’re happy to here about the new automatic Shinola Runwell.

Good things come to those who wait, like the Shinola Runwell Automatic

One of the complaints folks have had against Shinola, in the past, has been that they “only” make quartz-driven watches. There have been a few forays into automatics (seen here), but by and large, they’ve stuck with their Detroit-assembled Ronda movements. Well, we’re now six years down the road from when we were first introduced to the Shinola Runwell, and now, there’s a version with the automatic movement coming available.