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I want this one in my Batcave: the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 GMT Premium

When it comes to watches, we all have our own varying tastes. Sure, we can appreciate merits of certain watches, but it’s rare – at least in my experience – to run into another person who has as visceral of a reaction to a watch as I do. Take my buddy (and fellow WWR editor) Victor Marks. We can appreciate what the other likes, but our tastes are a bit divergent. At least, until I ran across the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 GMT Premium. It immediately became a synchronized chant of “DO WANT” in our messages back and forth.

Steinhart dives back in with the Ocean 2

Steinhart is a brand that we are sure  many of you are familiar with (and if you’re not, well, consider this your introduction).  The German brand has been making some very compelling watches at affordable price points for some time now.  While we’ve not had any in for an on-the-wrist review (and we’ve tried, believe us), they do seem to have ardent supporters.  So, with that preamble out of the way, let’s see what the just-announced Steinhart Ocean 2 has on offer.