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REVIEW: Swiss Eagle Flight Deck (Part 2)


Yesterday, we started our review of the  Swiss Eagle, taking a look at some of the design elements, as well as the chronograph functionality.   Today, we’ll wrap things up by having a look at the experience in daily wear, and the remaining specs.

REVIEW: Swiss Eagle Flight Deck (Part 1)


Today, we’ve come to the last Swiss Eagle model that we’ve currently got on hand for a review – the Flight Deck.

REVIEW: Swiss Eagle Landmaster (Part 2)


Yesterday, we started our review of the Swiss Eagle Landmaster, covering the size of the case, as well as the various layers present in the dial and hands.  Today, we’ll carry on by looking at the functionality and remaining specs of the watch.

REVIEW: Swiss Eagle Landmaster (Part 1)


Continuing with our reviews from the Zeon group, we’re going to dig into the Swiss Eagle catalog, this time from their “land” collection.

REVIEW: Swiss Eagle Altitude



As I mentioned in my introductory Ingersoll post last week, Ingersoll is actually one brand held by the folks at Zeon; another label they have is Swiss Eagle.  So, not too surprisingly, when they