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REVIEW: Timex IQ Flyback Chrono



Over the last year, we’ve reviewed quite a variety of different models from the Timex IQ line.  Today, we’ll have a look at one of the most polished pieces (in terms of appearance, not necessarily finish) that I’ve had cross my desk.

REVIEW: The Timex Originals Dive Style



Timex has had a lot of new styles coming out, and we’ve been able to show you quite a few different styles.  Today, we’ll be looking at another model from their Originals line, the Dive Style.

In Review: Timex T80 x Space Invaders


If you’re going for a nostalgia watch from the 80s, you’re either thinking of some brightly-colored plastic watch, or something like the all-digital Timex T80. It was a watch that first introduced in the 80s, and was reintroduced a few years back to capitalize on the nostalgia of us Gen X folks. Want to turn the “I remember when” knob all the way to 11? Then you go for something like the Timex T80 x Space Invaders.

Timex goes Coke


Watches like the Q Timex are just about perfect. They’re less than $200, run simple quartz movements, and look like something out of a 1970s conversation pit. Now there’s even more to love.

Timex TX Watches Landing Soon


timex_tx.jpgIt looks like the lure of the complicated watch is digging deep into the substrata of watch buyers. The TX line is looking hot so far, with mechanical movements, lots of retrograde hands, and enough quality to make us think twice about Timex.

There are three series of TX watches right now: the 300 perpetual calendar (which doesn’t require adjustments on months with less than 31 days), the 500-series with a second time zone display, and 700-series with a stopwatch, second time zone, and an electronic compass. The picture is from the 730 model.

Timex TX Watches [WatchReport]

Just Released: Q Timex 1972 Reissue


Timex is really continuing to embrace their past, bringing us a number of reissues from their back catalog, and bolstering the ranks of their Q lineup. The most recent one to come out is available as of today – the Q Timex 1972 Reissue.

REVIEW: Timex Originals Sport Chronograph



As of late, our Timex reviews have been a short of his ‘n hers arrangement.  Yesterday, we saw the his (black IQ Chrono), and today we’ll take a look at the hers (white Originals Chrono).

Timex TX Video


If you can tell me what’s going on here, I’ll pay you like $5.

Recently Released: Timex x Stranger Things


Just last week, the latest season of Stranger Things released on Netflix. To celebrate that, Timex is releasing three new versions of watches that tie into the show. It works, as there are a number of Timex watches that show up in the series, so this tie-in feels a bit more organic.

Timex coming in hot with the Cyber Monday discount


Just as simple as the image up there shows you – save 25% today with the code CYBER25. timex.com