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Timex Introduces Its Intelligent Quartz Line


Priced at a surprisingly sober $140 to $225, Timex’s Intelligent Quartz line offers a number of interesting features, including a perpetual calendar, flyback chrono, and compass, in an analog package. The watches are quite handsome – I saw some early models – and for the price they really can’t be beat.

REVIEW: Timex Originals Sport Chronograph



As of late, our Timex reviews have been a short of his ‘n hers arrangement.  Yesterday, we saw the his (black IQ Chrono), and today we’ll take a look at the hers (white Originals Chrono).

Todd Snyder and Timex go swimmingly together with the M1 Maritime Sport

After several successful collaborations, Todd Snyder and Timex are at it again. Only this time, instead of a retro-military inspired piece, they’ve gone with a more contemporary diver look.

Recently Released: Timex x Cynthia Rowley Navi


As we’ve said a number of times this year (or maybe it just feels like that), collaborations are all the rage when it comes to watches. Timex is certainly no stranger to that, and for their latest model – the Timex x Cynthia Rowley Navi – they collaborated with Manhattan-based Cynthia Rowley.

Introducing: Q Timex GMT


Over the past few years, the Q collection from Timex has been a very, very pleasant surprise. The watches manage to give you that classic 70s look, while bringing forward popular looks that resonate with us today. Their latest release brings my very favorite complication to the fore – the Q Timex GMT.

Timex iControl review revisited

Just got a chance to pay with the iControl. Don’t buy it if you’re looking for a sports watch. Buy it if you want to control your iPod from your wrist.

The Timex iControl is a watch/dongle combination that lets you control your iPod from your Timex Ironman. The watch itself is quite small and thin — very lightweight — and it has five iPod control buttons as well as a complete set of watch functions including a 50-lap memory, timer, and two alarms. Dongle itself is much larger than the Nike+iPod kit and takes up the iPod’s docking port, which is kind of upsetting since you can no longer use the pedometer if you have both.

Timex iControl Review [CrunchGear]

YouTube – Blue Jeans

How do you wear your jeans? Blue demin straps, blue denim look face!

Timex’s Latest Collaborations


As we all know Timex are known for their collaborations and today I give you there two latest collaborations, the Timex x Huckberry Navi XL Automatic and the Timex X Patta. Both are designed for those who like exploring the great outdoors but while I think one is an absolute bargain, the other left me wondering “what if?”   

REVIEW: Timex IQ Tide Temp Compass



The Timex brand is no stranger to these pages, but it has been a little bit since we’ve had a look at a model from the Intelligent Quartz line.   Today’s model sports a lot of functionality in the case.

In Review: Timex Marlin Automatic California

I think at some point, just about everyone has owned a Timex. And there’s good reason for it – they’re simple watches, and just quietly go about their job. Most of the time, though, those have been quartz, and may not stir the emotions quite as much. I’d say their designs have really been churning along as of late, and there’s an argument to be made that the Timex Marlin Automatic California is a great “first automatic” watch.