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Introducing: Timex Waterbury Ocean


We’ve seen a number of watch brands utilizing recycled ocean plastic that comes from #tide Ocean Material. We’re glad to see those materials not just getting removed from the oceans, but also being put to new use in consumer goods. The latest to take advantage of this trend is the newly announced Timex Waterbury Ocean.

Quick look at the Timex Expedition WS4



Timex makes nice work-out watches. I wore an Ironman for years and the bugger never gave out on me – I basically abandoned it. I also owned an earlier Expedition that I really enjoyed for running. Now, there’s a new monster on the block.

When I originally saw the WS4 online I was kind of put off by the size and screen. It looked way too big – and it is – but do I really need a little storm cloud to tell me that it’s going to rain? I kind of got the sense that this was a one-off by Timex just to get a little attention. I was wrong.

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TODD SNYDER X TIMEX Q is a welcome surprise


The Todd Snyder collection from Timex has been excellent. Separately, Timex Q has been a great revival of a classic case and bracelet. What happens when the two cross streams? ONLY GOOD THINGS.

In Review: Timex Marlin Automatic California

I think at some point, just about everyone has owned a Timex. And there’s good reason for it – they’re simple watches, and just quietly go about their job. Most of the time, though, those have been quartz, and may not stir the emotions quite as much. I’d say their designs have really been churning along as of late, and there’s an argument to be made that the Timex Marlin Automatic California is a great “first automatic” watch.

TX is not just Timex

TX World TimeI received a TX World Time for review last week. Wow. This is definitely not your dad’s Timex. I think it is fair to say that TX is to Timex what Tissot is to Swatch. Yes, Swatch group makes Tissot, but a Tissot is not a Swatch, and a TX is not Timex. It’s big, it’s dramatic, and it’s a little too much for me.

The first thing that jumps out at me is that the TX is big. 45mm on my slim wrists is a little much. But for its size, it is light, but feels solid. I know this sounds like a contradiction, but watches this size are either rocks, or feel like they’ll snap between your fingers. The TX feels remarkably well made for being so light. Fit and finish were immaculate. All edges and corners are clean and sharp. Surfaces had mirror finishes and flats are flat. The black finish is beautiful. The element I liked best was the use of rose gold for the hands and hour markings. The rose gold added a touch of class that the usual yellow gold finish does not. The TX logo is enamelled on the crown and worked into the end of the second hand. The hands and hour markings are luminescent, as are the retrograde hands. The retrograde hands threw me for a loop the first time I saw them in the dark, as there are no reference markings, just mysterious glowing hands floating on the dial. Once you know to look for them, they’ll stop distracting. What I mistook for a blur in the finish was a nicely executed little world map on the dial. This adds up to a rich and dramatic appearance.

The dial is busy, but that is a reflection of the functionality and this adds to its charm. In addition to the customary HH:mm:ss, and date, you have a second time zone. The time zone is indicated by the hand with the crescent at the end, and it points to cities, and countries named along the inside of the bezel for each time zone, and is controlled with the two buttons flanking the crown. Time in the second time zone is indicated on a retrograde hand in the upper right of the dial. The other retrograde style hand indicates standard or daylight savings time, and is controlled by the button on the left side of the dial.

I really like the functionality, I get a lot of use out of a second time zone, and the zone markings relieve me of the need to think through which way is which and how many hours. Put an alarm on this puppy, and it would be a dream come true.

The TX World Time is a beautiful watch, but a bit much for a guy like me, who usually wears an Ollech & Wajs M-65. For what it is, an initial entry into the luxury watch market, it is great. It would be an excellent first up-scale watch for a young man, and a great watch for someone who enjoys the dramatic appearance.

Taking a Look at the Timex Waterbury


In yesterday’s article, I was talking about generally skimming through the Triwa catalog when looking for something interesting for warmer weather.  Well, you know who else is great for that?  Timex.  Good ol’ Timex.  Their catalog abounds with plenty of great options perfect for being almost-disposable additions to your summertime carry.  That said, this Timex Waterbury that I just ran across, well, that seems like something you could definitely have along with you for the long haul.

REVIEW: Timex Elevated Classics T2N825



Alright, so, with our last two Timex reviews (here and here), we’re batting 50/50 in terms of what I’d say we had for a watch you should buy.  Today’s Timex gets us back on the plus side of that equation – and is a great option for women, to boot.

REVIEW: Timex Weekender Slip Thru



If you’ve been following my recent Timex posts, you have probably noticed that I’ve been trying to pair models from both the men’s and women’s lines.  This time around, there wasn’t a good match to complement the IQ reviewed last week – but I  do still have a women’s model to cover.

Timex TX Video


If you can tell me what’s going on here, I’ll pay you like $5.

Introducing the Timex Q 1978


Aside from all of their Peanuts collaborations (like this one) and the broader Marlin lineup, I think where we’re seeing the heat in the Timex lineup is in their Q lineup. While the bi-color bezel ones get the attention, there are some other really nice re-issues coming along, such as the Timex Q 1978.