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Triwa believes it’s time for change – and Time for Oceans

Well, certainly the world has changed from what it was a month (or more) ago. The change that Triwa is looking to go for is of a different sort, that of helping to eliminate some of the 8 million tons of plastic that end up in the oceans every year. How’s that? By turning that plastic into a watch.

Triwa has a different sort of a Cyber Monday Promotion


Hey, so you all saw the news on the new Tesla Cybertruck, right? If not, check out what Victor had to say about it on KN. Well, Triwa likes to do interesting things with materials, and they couldn’t resist poking some fun – and I, for one, dig it! BEHOLD – the Triwa Cyber Watch! Also, if you buy a watch today, you can get a pair of free sunglasses using the code CYBER

Triwa is back at it with the Humanium 2.0

There are a lot of materials that can be recycled. Some of them, however, can only have a certain amount of recycled material before it starts having issues. Most metals, however, are not constrained by that. Melt it down, turn it into something else, and voila – it’s reused. This is something a clever watch company can take advantage of, and that’s what we’ve got with the Triwa Humanium 2.0 project that was launched today.

It’s back to the foundry for the Triwa Skultuna III

With a name like “Skultuna” attached to it, you might think this is some sort of heavy-metal fishmonger mashup.  Well, that’s where the English language sort of lets us down, or, at least, clouds our ability to infer things.  You see, Skultuna is actually a Brass Foundry (founded all the way back in 1607), and Triwa is back with another collaboration with them, and the result is the Triwa Skultuna III.

Celebrating an anniversary with the Triwa TIO

It seems to be a good year for watch brand anniversaries – specifically, 10-year ones.  A little bit ago, we told you about a commemorative watch from Magrette.  Now, we’ve got news of another 10-year watch, the succinctly name Triwa TIO.

The Triwa Raven Skala Takes Wing


It’s time to take a look at another brand we’ve not had on our pages for some time, Triwa.  Normally when I go skimming through their catalog it is for something lighter-weight (both physically and visually) that seems just right for the warmer weather on the way.  While there are indeed some brighter palettes available for the Triwa Skala, the one that grabbed my eye is the Triwa Raven Skala.

Hands-on Review: TRIWA Walter Lansen Chrono


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a TRIWA watch review on our pages – the last one we looked at I deemed to be a perfect watch for summer, so I think it’s a bit fitting that we’ve got another one landing on the pages with summer waiting in the wings. Now, you might be tempted to think that the TRIWA Walter Lansen Chrono is part of the “Sort of Black” line (which Matt covered here), but it’s definitely not.