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Introducing: the Undone Space Jam collection


A little over a week ago, we brought you the first Space Jam watch collaboration we saw; today, we’ve got another one to talk about. This time around, it’s the crew over at Undone bringing two models to us, one limited and the other with some customization options.

Introducing the Undone Urban 34 Killy

By now, you are no doubt familiar with the watches that Undone has been creating. They’ve got a sort of hybrid custom/stock sort of a thing going on, and have released several iterations of their designs. Most of those have focused on bigger case sizes generally aimed at the guys. Now, they’ve got one just for the ladies – the Undone Urban 34 Killy.

Introducing: Undone Astro Boy


You’ve got to hand it to Undone – while the world has been in some unique situations, they’ve managed to keep forging ahead, releasing a number of new watch designs through various collaborations and licensing deals. Sure, their semi-custom platform helps with that, and is no doubt how they arrived at their latest, the Undone Astro Boy.

Introducing the Undone Aero


You know doubt know Undone. They’ve done a wide variety of semi-custom watch builds, and even recently had a Batman license they played around with. This time out, they’re heading to the vintage skies with the Undone Aero.

Introducing the Undone Vintage Killy: Designer’s Draft Edition


Back in 2020, we brought you word of a new version of one of Undone’s more popular designs, the Vintage Killy. While that one was a smaller version, this time around, they’ve adjusted some details to make the Undone Vintage Killy: Designer’s Draft Edition look, well, even more vintage.

Introducing: UNDONE Arabian Nights


I’m going to go out on a limb right now, and say the UNDONE Arabian Nights is the watch we need, after 2020 (and these first few days of 2021, do not want). Not for design, or materials (which are pretty sweet), but for the engraving on the caseback.

Introducing: Undone Stellar


As I mentioned earlier this week, the warm weather summertime is a great time to introduce some color to your wrist. If you want something even more colorful – and perhaps a touch more affordable – than those divers then this latest release, the Undone Stellar, may be what you’re searching for.

Introducing: UNDONE X STAPLE


You know Undone, right? We’ve covered a number of their watches (most recently, we reviewed the Arabian Nights and covered their latest Simple Union collaboration), but that loses sight of the fact that they started out as a company that allowed you to customize most aspects of your watch, and then have it built. So, who better to collaborate with than someone who customizes sneakers, resulting in the UNDONE X STAPLE collection.

Introducing the UNDONE x Simple Union: Sometsuke


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing more and more about the practice of kintsugi, where pottery is repaired, but not in a way where the mending is hidden. Instead, it’s highlighted via the use of gold, given a sort of well-earned beauty to a piece (you can read more about it here). Now we have a watch that honors that idea, the UNDONE x Simple Union: Sometsuke.

In review: Undone Arabian Nights


If you recall, we first brought you word of the Undone Arabian Nights not all that long ago. As I mentioned in that writeup, we were looking into getting a review unit in, and, well, we did just that. Read on for our hands-on impressions of the Undone Arabian Nights.