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And the Swatch Touch Winner is…



Well, this giveaway certainly garnered some interest – and now it’s time to learn who’s adding some camouflage to their collection.

GIVEAWAY: Swatch Touch



So, did our post last week grab your attention?  If so, read on to see how you could win the very watch featured there.

Xetum Contest Ending Soon



Did you know Xetum has a really simple contest going on right now?  You just need to

And The Vintager Strap Winners Are…


So, the time has come to announce the winners of those great straps from Vintager.  And they are:

REVIEW: Junkers 6050-5 (Part 2) (And A Giveaway)



Yesterday, we started looking at the Junkers 6050-5, and covered some of the more striking aspects to the piece, and noted the modern feel to it – that’s where we’ll pick things up today.

GIVEAWAY: Vintager Straps



So, remember those straps we reviewed from Vintager a couple of weeks back?  Well, thanks to the generosity of Micah (the man making all those straps), we’re actually going to be able to give two of them away.  That’s right – not one, but two straps!  Read on for the details.

Xetum Has A Photo Contest Running


Looks like now through mid-July, you’ve got a chance to win some prizes from Xetum.  How, you might ask?  Read on!

And the New Gent Winner Is…



There was definitely some interest in this giveaway.  Without further ado (and discarding double-comments), the winner is 

GIVEAWAY: Swatch New Gent



So, remember that Swatch I reviewed the at the end of last month?  And do you remember thinking, “cool, I’d love to have one of those some day.”  Well, then, your lucky day is approaching, because we’re giving it away!

Hexa Has A Chance For You To Win A Free Strap



That’s right – the fine folks over at Hexa are running a contest to allow you to win a free custom strap.  Interested?  I thought so…