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The Contigo West Loop lets you drop it like it’s hot

I realized something the other day – for the all the focus we give (ok, it’s sporadic, but it is focused) on the things we haul around every day (you know, EDC), there is something that is indeed a constant companion.  Aside from my wedding ring, I think the item that is with me the most – and used the most, on a daily basis – is my Contigo West Loop mug.

You looking for a pen to carry with you for the rest of your life?

When it comes to pens, you’ve got a lot of different avenues you can go.  You can go cheap and plentiful (think the ones stocked at the office) that are just replaced whenever it breaks, runs out, or is lost.  You can get very compact (and sometimes weapon-ish) ones if you’re going the tactical EDC route.  There are also very high-end luxury pens, made of exotic materials and the like.  So, in many ways, they’re a lot like watches.  Well, the pen I ran across on Kickstarter kind of takes the best of many categories – made of metal (so it lasts forever), takes standard refills, is sleek and minimal, and is built right here in the good ol’ US of A.  Given the decided lack of a name on the KS page, I’m just going to call this The Pen from Modern Fuel.

A Banker’s Everyday Carry


Our last couple of EDC posts took a look at the longer form articles and topics that Everyday Carry had produced. Today, we are going to get back to what is perhaps the most user-engaging feature, where users submit either a good-old “pocket dump” (where they empty the contents of their pockets and send in a photo), or an organized look at what users carry with them on a daily basis, which generally gets into things that are carried along in a bag as well (not just in the pockets).

Slices of time with Deejo

From time to time, we delve into the world of Every Day Carry (or EDC), the last time being a great little bag from Nutsac.  Well, today we’re back with another very fun entry into that category, and one that actually manages to being some watches (or watch parts, in a sense) to the table – the semi-custom knife from Deejo.

An EveryDayCarry View on Affordable Dive Watches


As our own pages attest, dive watches are a ridiculously popular category of watches.  Sure, it is a matter of style preferences, but I think it also speaks to the fact that these watches are, by and large, very robust tools that can put up with a lot.  Our friends over at EveryDayCarry must see the same thing, because they just put together a guide for seven affordable dive watches, all under $200.

Scribing a line with Schon Dsgn pens

Now and again, we like to talk about pens here on the site.  Much like watches, they are everyday companions for many of us, and are really a quite handy thing to have around.  Today, we’re taking a look at what happens when machining skill, a clever idea, and robust design come together.  This time around, they take the form of Schon DSGN pens.

A Delightfully Vintage Every Day Carry


It’s that time of week, folks – time to survey the contents of pockets from around the world.  WWR has been working with Every Day Carry to bring along interesting articles from each site to the notice of our readers; this week, we’re taking a look at what vintage goodies a designer carries along with him.

Everyday Carry Posts, With Watches

EDC 151008b1This week for our look at Everyday Carry, our opportunity to pick the pocket of various people across the globe and see what they call essential, I have pocket dumps from a technologist and a business owner.  First up is the post above, courtesy of Peter Thompson, Technologist.  The watch he chose to share is Prometheus Jellyfish in titanium.  While we have not had the Jellyfish in for a review, we have looked at a couple of Prometheus watches and find them to be well built and affordable divers.

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump, Engineer/Manager

With Patrick and John posting their every day carry, I figured I would get in on the fun and post mine.  Read on to see what I have in my pockets and around my person on a normal day.

A Pair of Everyday Carry Pocket Dumps


It’s time for our bi-weekly look at what our friends over at Everyday Carry have been publishing, and we have something a bit different – a pair of pocket dumps that came across as pretty interesting mixes.