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Everyday Carry Gear Recommendations (and a Giveaway)


When it comes to figuring out what you are going to carry in your pockets, there are about as many choices out there as there are with watches.  In short, it can be pretty overwhelming.  That’s why sites like Everyday Carry are handy, as they offer up reviews of gear to help you narrow the field.  Today, we’ll take a look at a recent knife and flashlight writeup, as well as point out a new giveaway they’re running.

An Everyday Carry Interview with Gunny, Mr. R. Lee Ermey


When it comes to our Everyday Carry, we are often times relying on experts (such as those at EverydayCarry) to point us in the right direction for particular pieces of gear we might be looking to add.  Of course, a lot of what you end up carrying comes to be through trial-and-error, just figuring out what works best for your preferences.  

Some springtime Everyday Carry options

As you saw earlier this week, we are venturing into the world of Men’s Style.  That made this article from our pals over at Everyday Carry just about a slam dunk.  Now that springtime has arrived in the northern hemisphere, they have recommendations for some gear you might consider picking up.

A Monochromatic Every Day Carry


It’s that time again, time for another bi-weekly look at interesting gear and pocket dumps from our friends over at Every Day Carry.  Today we have a great monochromatic pocket dump, one that I could easily have seen coming from my own pockets.

An Everyday Carry threefer


It’s that time once again for us to have a gander at what our pals over at Everyday Carry have been producing.  While their last gear roundup was interesting, this time around, we want to have a look at three different pocket dumps that have some interesting watches.  

A Very Star Wars Everyday Carry

EDC-Star-WarsIn case you somehow missed it, the most recent Star Wars movie was released, and has been smashing all number of box office records.  Unofficially, it seems like it must be smashing records for merchandising as well, with Star Wars appearing on all sorts of things (even oranges, somehow).  

Everyday Carry, Multitools, and Pocket Knives, Oh My!


It is that time, once again, for us to cast our eyes over to see what our pals at Everyday Carry have on tap. Which, when you think about it, a watch truly is an everyday carry sort of an item for most of us. Sure, it may not be the same watch every day, but admit it – your wrist feels funny when you don’t have a watch on it, doesn’t it? Of course, a watch is not the only thing you can carry, and today, we have two different roundups for what else you might consider – heavy-duty multitools, or non-locking pocket knives.

Everyday Gear for your pockets and wrists

We are a bit overdue for showing our pals over at Everyday Carry some love, so today we are going to give you a one-two punch from their recently published articles. The first item is a pocket dump that features a watch John recently wrote up, and the second is a gear roundup of their top items from May.

Everyday Carry Knows How To Use A Coin Pocket


It is time once again for us to take a look at what our pals over at Everyday Carry have cast out into the web, and pick out one article to bring to your attention. This week, they have a piece that focuses in your jeans. Specifically, what is commonly known as the “fifth pocket” (even though it existed before a fifth pocket did on the denim). You can check out the full article here which has a bit of history (including the pocket’s connection to watches) and plenty of suggestions for what you may want to carry. If you feel particularly energetic, drop a note in the comments to let us know what you carry in your coin pocket. everydaycarry.com

The Contigo West Loop lets you drop it like it’s hot

I realized something the other day – for the all the focus we give (ok, it’s sporadic, but it is focused) on the things we haul around every day (you know, EDC), there is something that is indeed a constant companion.  Aside from my wedding ring, I think the item that is with me the most – and used the most, on a daily basis – is my Contigo West Loop mug.