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A Very Traditional Every Day Carry


As you know, every few weeks we have been bringing you some interesting content from our pals over at Every Day Carry.  In many ways, these sort of pocket dumps can serve as inspiration for gear you might like to pick up.  Or, in the case of today’s selection, perhaps what an alternate universe you might carry.

Everyday Carry Has Some Storage Ideas For You


As you know, we are fans of the type of gear that our pals over at Everyday Carry cover.  While the EDC community may tend to focus on pocket (or bag) dumps, there is a simple truth – once you empty out those pockets, you need a place to put all that stuff. Sure, you put your watch into a watch box or on a winder, but what about everything else you carry?  

A Ready-For-Summer Every Day Carry

EDC-Minimalist-Carry-OmegaThis week’s cross-post with EveryDayCarry might be a bit more slim when it comes to pocket dumps, but it’s a great minimalist carry (which is what it’s owner calls it).  I think of it as a “ready for summer” every day carry.

Everyday Gear for your pockets and wrists

We are a bit overdue for showing our pals over at Everyday Carry some love, so today we are going to give you a one-two punch from their recently published articles. The first item is a pocket dump that features a watch John recently wrote up, and the second is a gear roundup of their top items from May.

An Everyday Carry threefer


It’s that time once again for us to have a gander at what our pals over at Everyday Carry have been producing.  While their last gear roundup was interesting, this time around, we want to have a look at three different pocket dumps that have some interesting watches.  

Everyday Carry Knows How To Use A Coin Pocket


It is time once again for us to take a look at what our pals over at Everyday Carry have cast out into the web, and pick out one article to bring to your attention. This week, they have a piece that focuses in your jeans. Specifically, what is commonly known as the “fifth pocket” (even though it existed before a fifth pocket did on the denim). You can check out the full article here which has a bit of history (including the pocket’s connection to watches) and plenty of suggestions for what you may want to carry. If you feel particularly energetic, drop a note in the comments to let us know what you carry in your coin pocket. everydaycarry.com

Last Month EDC – PhD Student

This week, we’ve got another look at some Every Day Carry components, this time around from an aspiring PhD student.  There’s a great set of items he’s carrying, including a rather nice Bulova Accutron.  To see everything in his carry, head on over here…

Some Everyday Carry Options


It is time once again for us to take a look at what our pals over at Everyday Carry are putting together. While we have tended to focus in more on pocket dumps than anything else, we have delved into some of their more gear-specific articles. That’s what we have today, actually, in the form of a two-fer.

An Everyday Carry Top 10


As you know, every other week we take a look at what our pals over at Everyday Carry are producing, and bring you something that we have found of interest from their articles. While you may not think of it as such, the watch that you (and I) are wearing is definitely part of our everyday carry. While some of the recent features have been on specific classes of gear, this week we have something a bit more well-rounded.

Lighting things up with ASP

You know we like our watches here, right?  We also like all sorts of other “guy stuff” too, as our forays into jackets, boots, and other accessories have shown.  Well, most of us like to turn some of our attention to detail to the stuff we have bouncing around in our pockets, also known as our every day carry (or EDC).  Given that, and that now we (in the northern hemisphere) are in the long, dark nights, we thought it made sense to talk about some flashlights.  Today, we’ve got two options for you from ASP.