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A Monochromatic Every Day Carry


It’s that time again, time for another bi-weekly look at interesting gear and pocket dumps from our friends over at Every Day Carry.  Today we have a great monochromatic pocket dump, one that I could easily have seen coming from my own pockets.

Everyday Carry Gear Recommendations (and a Giveaway)


When it comes to figuring out what you are going to carry in your pockets, there are about as many choices out there as there are with watches.  In short, it can be pretty overwhelming.  That’s why sites like Everyday Carry are handy, as they offer up reviews of gear to help you narrow the field.  Today, we’ll take a look at a recent knife and flashlight writeup, as well as point out a new giveaway they’re running.

An End of Year Everyday Carry Gift Guide


It’s the end of the year, so that means you will see all sorts of top lists (like what Matt put together), as well as an assortment of gift guides.  Gear for pockets, bags, and wrists can certainly be a route to go, and our friends over at Everyday Carry have such a gift guide for you.

A Very Star Wars Everyday Carry

EDC-Star-WarsIn case you somehow missed it, the most recent Star Wars movie was released, and has been smashing all number of box office records.  Unofficially, it seems like it must be smashing records for merchandising as well, with Star Wars appearing on all sorts of things (even oranges, somehow).  

A Clean-and-simple Everyday Carry


As you’ve seen, WWR has been working with Every Day Carry to bring along interesting articles from each site to the notice of our readers.  This week, we’re taking a look at what a product designer carries along with him in his everyday carry.

Patrick’s Every Day Carry


As you’ve seen, WWR has been working with Every Day Carry to bring along interesting articles from each site to the notice of our readers.  Since John had his moment in the sun the other week, I thought it was fitting to share my every day carry.

Everyday Carry, Multitools, and Pocket Knives, Oh My!


It is that time, once again, for us to cast our eyes over to see what our pals at Everyday Carry have on tap. Which, when you think about it, a watch truly is an everyday carry sort of an item for most of us. Sure, it may not be the same watch every day, but admit it – your wrist feels funny when you don’t have a watch on it, doesn’t it? Of course, a watch is not the only thing you can carry, and today, we have two different roundups for what else you might consider – heavy-duty multitools, or non-locking pocket knives.

An Everyday Carry Guide to Flashlights


At the heart of things, watches really are, first and foremost, tools:  they tell us the time. Yes, they can certainly do a lot more, and do so in a variety of forms and fashions.  At the heart of the matter, though, they are tools.  Most watch guys (and gals) appreciate this fact, and also pay attention to the “tool” tools that they have in their possession as well, which is why our partnership with Everyday Carry makes so much sense. 

The Smith & Bradley Beacon Box


I’ve got a post here for you that is a break from the norm.  No, it’s not about a watch, but it is coming from a watch company that I’ve become a fan of due to the quality they’ve built into their products – Smith & Bradley.  When they put something together for the outdoors, your bugout bag, or just plain EDC, it’s probably worth a look.  So, let’s see what the Smith & Bradley Beacon Box has in store.

An Everyday Carry With A Tidy Chrono



Well, it’s better late than never, right?  For this week’s cross-post with Everyday Carry, we actually have a two-fer for you.  First up, as you can see above, is a carry that many of us would be familiar with, and a chrono you may not be familiar with.