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A Delightfully Vintage Every Day Carry


It’s that time of week, folks – time to survey the contents of pockets from around the world.  WWR has been working with Every Day Carry to bring along interesting articles from each site to the notice of our readers; this week, we’re taking a look at what vintage goodies a designer carries along with him.

A Beginner’s Guide to Every Day Carry


As you know, every few weeks we have been bringing you some interesting content from our pals over at Every Day Carry.  Now I (and I’m sure many others) are rather familiar with the concepts of Every Day Carry (or EDC), and may have already submitted photos on the site (if you have, let us know).  For those who are not as familiar, then something of a primer may be in order.

Some Everyday Carry Options


It is time once again for us to take a look at what our pals over at Everyday Carry are putting together. While we have tended to focus in more on pocket dumps than anything else, we have delved into some of their more gear-specific articles. That’s what we have today, actually, in the form of a two-fer.

Patrick’s Every Day Carry


As you’ve seen, WWR has been working with Every Day Carry to bring along interesting articles from each site to the notice of our readers.  Since John had his moment in the sun the other week, I thought it was fitting to share my every day carry.

Some springtime Everyday Carry options

As you saw earlier this week, we are venturing into the world of Men’s Style.  That made this article from our pals over at Everyday Carry just about a slam dunk.  Now that springtime has arrived in the northern hemisphere, they have recommendations for some gear you might consider picking up.

You looking for a pen to carry with you for the rest of your life?

When it comes to pens, you’ve got a lot of different avenues you can go.  You can go cheap and plentiful (think the ones stocked at the office) that are just replaced whenever it breaks, runs out, or is lost.  You can get very compact (and sometimes weapon-ish) ones if you’re going the tactical EDC route.  There are also very high-end luxury pens, made of exotic materials and the like.  So, in many ways, they’re a lot like watches.  Well, the pen I ran across on Kickstarter kind of takes the best of many categories – made of metal (so it lasts forever), takes standard refills, is sleek and minimal, and is built right here in the good ol’ US of A.  Given the decided lack of a name on the KS page, I’m just going to call this The Pen from Modern Fuel.

Scribing a line with Schon Dsgn pens

Now and again, we like to talk about pens here on the site.  Much like watches, they are everyday companions for many of us, and are really a quite handy thing to have around.  Today, we’re taking a look at what happens when machining skill, a clever idea, and robust design come together.  This time around, they take the form of Schon DSGN pens.

The Ridge Summit Knife is looking sharp

It was not all that long ago that we brought you a review of one of the more unique wallets I’ve experienced, the titanium Ridge Wallet (LINK).  A good wallet is a solid addition to your every day carry (EDC), of course.  Most folks will think about a flashlight and a knife for their EDC as well.  Well, Ridge hasn’t come up with a flashlight yet, but they did just announce a knife that is a perfect complement to their wallet – the Ridge Summit Knife.

Expanding your carry with the Nutsac Satchel

Back in my writeup on the pants and shirt from ScotteVest I mentioned how much you were able to carry in the various pockets.  Well, sometimes you don’t want to have it all right on your person, or you may want to have a standard set of things that’s always with you, regardless of the pants you’ve got on.  That’s where things like satchels and backpacks come in.  Since I routinely have a backpack on already (work bag), adding a satchel to the mix might seem at odds.  Still, I wanted to check out what the Nutsac Satchel.

Put your pocket in order with the Ridge Wallet

We’ve covered a few different types of items that classify as EDC, or every day carry, aside from the ever-present watches.  One area we’ve not focused a whole lot on has been wallets.  Sure, we’ve reviewed a few previously, but those have tended to be of the more traditional, leather style.  There’s nothing wrong with those, but if you focus there, you miss out on a whole different style of wallets that are out there now, that give things a more modern bend.  One such of these is the wallet from Ridge Wallet, and I recently got to spend some time with one of their titanium versions.