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The MagnaReady Flannel Shirt is definitely easy to wear

As you can no doubt imagine, we get all manner of random press inquiries coming in.  Some lead to some happy discoveries, and others, well, let’s just saw they’re for things you’ll not see on these pages.  As we’ve expanded our coverage into men’s style items, the scope of those unbidden emails has expanded as well.  One of the ones we’ll put into the “happy discovery” category is the subject of today’s review, the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt.

Glowing carbon fiber rings – those are (apparently) my jam

As you know, I’ve recently gotten into the world of glowing rings (here and here), primarily from Rune Refinery and Anilo Carbon.  Well, they’ve got a new project underway (because CarbonFi is a sister company), for the CarbonFi Aurora.

You say you want a smart wallet? A revolution in your pocket? Then Ekster has you covered!

Sorry, when I was coming up with that title, the Beatles song just got stuck in my head, and I could not help but let it run.  And run.  And run.  Unlike the wallets that I find myself drawn to as of late, which are very much of the compact and minimalist sort (see here and here for some recent examples).  I became aware of another one recently that adds more tech to the mix, the Ekster 3.0.

Lems Boulder Boots Sale – Go!

Just wanted to put this up there real quick – of the various barefoot style shoes I’ve tried, the Lems Boulder Boots (reviewed here) have been one of my favorites. Well, they’ve got a 33% off sale going right now (ends 5/23) that puts the canvas or canvas and leather styles at $83.75, or the full-leather ones at an even $100. No codes, the price is as marked on the site. If you want a pair, move quickly!

The Lotushirt wants to travel with you

I know, I know – it was just yesterday that I was talking about some jeans on Kickstarter.  Well, for whatever reason, there are some really interesting menswear projects hitting, so they’ll be showing up here when appropriate.  One of the latest is a shirt I wish I would have had on a trip I was on last week – the Lotushirt.

Kicking it with the Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick

In our more recent boot reviews (here and here) we’ve focused in on a variety of different barefoot-style boots.  While I’ve found those to be rather comfortable, we realize that that is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Styling can be a large part of that, particularly if you’re looking for a pair of boots that cut a more traditional profile.  To that end, we’ve been spending time with a pair of Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick boots.

Rocking out with the Lems Boulder Boot

Guess who’s back?  Back again?  Boots are back, tell a friend.  At least, I’m sure that’s what some of your are thinking  – what is it with Patrick and the boot reviews?  Well, let me tell you, friend, we’re not done with them, not by a long shot.  You see, I’ve discovered this whole world out there of really cool footwear, and I’m exploring as much of it as I can.  The latest to take up residence under the review desk (because that’s where feet go) are the Lems Boulder Boot.

Testing out the MP Magic Socks

Back in November (right here, as a matter of fact), we brought you word of a campaign that was underway that was promising to deliver you socks that were comfortable, did all the necessary sock-related things, and ALSO managed to stay odor free.  Since then, we’ve been able to spend time with a pair of the MP Magic Socks, and can give you our impressions.

Surveying the Helm Boots Spring/Summer 2019 Lineup

If you recall, last year I went hands- (and feet-) on with a newer footwear brand out of Texas, Helm Boots. Warmer weather is approaching, so we we start thinking about changing out straps on our watches. In the same way, perhaps the pair of boots you’ve been kicking around in the salt and slush need to be swapped out for something fresh for spring. If that’s the boat you find yourself sailing in, Helm has as new lineup ready for you.

Kicking around with Helm Boots

Just as with watches, when you start diving into the world of shoes and boots, you get to discover all sorts of interesting brands that are out there, just doing their thing at the top of their game.  What I’ve found interesting is that, looking across the boot reviews we’ve been doing, they’ve been quite different styles, and a variety of price points.  Today, we’re moving into something a bit dressier with the Helm Boots Zind.