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Staying warm in the Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Adventure Jacket

All the way back in November, we brought you word of a clever, super packable, super light-weight synthetic down jacket that was on fire on Kickstarter (when I checked just before the campaign closed, it was sitting at 37X it’s initial funding goal.  So, obviously, I was not the only person who found the project intriguing.  Well, fortunately for you (and me), I got to spend some time with a prototype of the Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Adventure Jacket, and am here to give you my take on the jacket.

Glowing carbon fiber rings – those are (apparently) my jam

As you know, I’ve recently gotten into the world of glowing rings (here and here), primarily from Rune Refinery and Anilo Carbon.  Well, they’ve got a new project underway (because CarbonFi is a sister company), for the CarbonFi Aurora.

Put your pocket in order with the Ridge Wallet

We’ve covered a few different types of items that classify as EDC, or every day carry, aside from the ever-present watches.  One area we’ve not focused a whole lot on has been wallets.  Sure, we’ve reviewed a few previously, but those have tended to be of the more traditional, leather style.  There’s nothing wrong with those, but if you focus there, you miss out on a whole different style of wallets that are out there now, that give things a more modern bend.  One such of these is the wallet from Ridge Wallet, and I recently got to spend some time with one of their titanium versions.

Yo Qüero to customize all the things!

So, if you’ve been around here awhile, you know we like to customize things.  You also are aware that I like to think I know something about menswear (aka, I appreciate quality and like stuff that looks good).  So, while that means I’ve tried out a variety of customized stuff (a suit, some shirts, and a watch), I’ve never done a custom pair of shoes.  Well, now you and I can do exactly that via a Kickstarter that is wrapping up this Sunday.

Kicking it with the SUAVS The Legacy

As you’re aware, we here at WWR have seen fit to expand our coverage into some other avenues, all with a focus on bringing you interesting items that are affordable, and perhaps a bit different from what you might otherwise encounter.  Today, we’re going to look at a pair of shoes that fits that criteria, the SUAVS Legacy.

Odor-free workout socks? That’s what the MP Magic Socks are offering!

We’ve focused on a variety of different items you might want to take with you to the gym, including fitness-tracking watches and even shoes.  One thing we’ve never really talked about were socks.  And, well, why would we?  Socks themselves are pretty boring, and most folks just are going to opt for whatever inexpensive cotton ones they can find.  Myself, I’ve become very partial to the Darn Tough wool socks, and use those for my primary workout (and daily wear) socks, as they’re warm, moisture wicking, and pretty odor resistant.  Well, these socks from MP Magic Socks are looking to take the odor resistance up a few notches.

Custom shirting with Deo Veritas

If it hasn’t been obvious, I find that watches are a great way to accent or support your personal style.  Sure, they are functional tools, but they can also convey a message about your personality.  As well, they should also be relatable to what you’re wearing.  For instance, you wouldn’t be wearing a 1000m dive watch with a suit (I hope), or a classic dress watch for hiking in the back country.  It’s not to say that you couldn’t – it just wouldn’t look or feel quite right.  When it comes to shirts, you can of course get anything from your local store.  If you want something that fits with your look – and fits you perfectly, then you’re going the custom route.  Today, we’re looking at two options for custom dress shirts from Deo Veritas.

Running around with the VivoBarefoot Stealth II

As you’ve no doubt caught on, I have been reviewing a variety of different barefoot-style shoes lately.  A good number of these have taken the form of boots, such as the VivoBarefoot Tracker FG.  I’m fairly novice when it comes to the world of running (aka, I’ll do a few miles on the track or treadmill with varying speeds), but I’ve never thought about running in a shoe like the VivoBarefoot Stealth II.  Would my feet hurt?  What about my knees?  Well, I’m only one person (so your results may vary), but I’ve had a pretty positive experience with the shoes.

Let’s get ready to travel!

Well, if you’re going to travel, you’ll need a good watch, of course (preferably one with a GMT complication, of course).  You’ll also want to have a good jacket.  There are a lot of options, and us recovering tech guys would tend to think of ScotteVest with their multitude of pockets (as we discussed here).  Well, the just-announced MSSRS Travel Utility Jacket looks to be another option in the same vein.

Getting low with the SUAVS Zilker

In the summary of my last review from SUAVS, I mentioned that I felt the digitally-knit fabric lent itself more to a low-top, as opposed to the high-top that we saw with the Legacy.  Some of that was informed by the shoe we got in for review (and that we’re talking about today) ,the SUAVS Zilker.