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Put your pocket in order with the Ridge Wallet

We’ve covered a few different types of items that classify as EDC, or every day carry, aside from the ever-present watches.  One area we’ve not focused a whole lot on has been wallets.  Sure, we’ve reviewed a few previously, but those have tended to be of the more traditional, leather style.  There’s nothing wrong with those, but if you focus there, you miss out on a whole different style of wallets that are out there now, that give things a more modern bend.  One such of these is the wallet from Ridge Wallet, and I recently got to spend some time with one of their titanium versions.

Getting low with the SUAVS Zilker

In the summary of my last review from SUAVS, I mentioned that I felt the digitally-knit fabric lent itself more to a low-top, as opposed to the high-top that we saw with the Legacy.  Some of that was informed by the shoe we got in for review (and that we’re talking about today) ,the SUAVS Zilker.

Get your glow on with Rune Refinery Thin Blue Line

If we start from the perspective of wrist watches basically being functional jewelry (and yeah, if you trace it back, that’s what they are), it’s not much of a leap to other men’s accessories and style items.  Frankly, that’s why we’ve expanded coverage in that direction.  Well, what about actual jewelry?  We’ve covered a few of those so far, but today, we’ve got one that even watch folk will have to admit is just plain cool – the Rune Refinery Thin Blue Line.

Kicking it with the SUAVS The Legacy

As you’re aware, we here at WWR have seen fit to expand our coverage into some other avenues, all with a focus on bringing you interesting items that are affordable, and perhaps a bit different from what you might otherwise encounter.  Today, we’re going to look at a pair of shoes that fits that criteria, the SUAVS Legacy.

Running around with the VivoBarefoot Stealth II

As you’ve no doubt caught on, I have been reviewing a variety of different barefoot-style shoes lately.  A good number of these have taken the form of boots, such as the VivoBarefoot Tracker FG.  I’m fairly novice when it comes to the world of running (aka, I’ll do a few miles on the track or treadmill with varying speeds), but I’ve never thought about running in a shoe like the VivoBarefoot Stealth II.  Would my feet hurt?  What about my knees?  Well, I’m only one person (so your results may vary), but I’ve had a pretty positive experience with the shoes.

Kicking around with the Freewaters Freeland

So far, a lot of the shoes we’ve reviewed here as of late have been of the barefoot-style variety.  Well, those may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and today’s shoes do take things in a more traditional direction for sneakers.  That said, if you wanted to, you could go barefoot in these.  What shoes are they?  Well, it’s up there in the title, but they are the Freewaters Freeland.

Let’s get ready to travel!

Well, if you’re going to travel, you’ll need a good watch, of course (preferably one with a GMT complication, of course).  You’ll also want to have a good jacket.  There are a lot of options, and us recovering tech guys would tend to think of ScotteVest with their multitude of pockets (as we discussed here).  Well, the just-announced MSSRS Travel Utility Jacket looks to be another option in the same vein.

Expanding your carry with the Nutsac Satchel

Back in my writeup on the pants and shirt from ScotteVest I mentioned how much you were able to carry in the various pockets.  Well, sometimes you don’t want to have it all right on your person, or you may want to have a standard set of things that’s always with you, regardless of the pants you’ve got on.  That’s where things like satchels and backpacks come in.  Since I routinely have a backpack on already (work bag), adding a satchel to the mix might seem at odds.  Still, I wanted to check out what the Nutsac Satchel.

Staying organized with SCOTTeVEST

When it comes to clothing brands that the public may not be overly aware of, but tech geeks are, the leader of that pack is likely SCOTTeVEST.  I know for myself, I first became aware of – and a fan of – their stuff back when I learned about them on some of Leo Laporte’s early podcasts.  Fast-forward, well, a decade or more, and SCOTTeVEST has expanded from those roots.  Today, we’ll have a look at a few items from their catalog.

Rocking out with the Lems Boulder Boot

Guess who’s back?  Back again?  Boots are back, tell a friend.  At least, I’m sure that’s what some of your are thinking  – what is it with Patrick and the boot reviews?  Well, let me tell you, friend, we’re not done with them, not by a long shot.  You see, I’ve discovered this whole world out there of really cool footwear, and I’m exploring as much of it as I can.  The latest to take up residence under the review desk (because that’s where feet go) are the Lems Boulder Boot.