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Staying organized with SCOTTeVEST

When it comes to clothing brands that the public may not be overly aware of, but tech geeks are, the leader of that pack is likely SCOTTeVEST.  I know for myself, I first became aware of – and a fan of – their stuff back when I learned about them on some of Leo Laporte’s early podcasts.  Fast-forward, well, a decade or more, and SCOTTeVEST has expanded from those roots.  Today, we’ll have a look at a few items from their catalog.

Carrying a pair of Boconi Tyler Wallets

As of late, we have expanded our coverage into the world of mens style.  In the past, we have also had a fair number of articles touching on what is commonly known as Every Day Carry (aka EDC).  Well, today, we have a few items in from Boconi that manage to combine both men’s style and EDC.  On with the show!

Stretching out in the Coalatree Slim Fit Trailhead Pants

The world of “athleisure” is not one I had figured to be exploring, although there is no doubt that, as a general style category, it is a popular one.  Just take a look around next time you’re out and about, and take note of how many folks you see wearing clothing that you might otherwise think to be appropriate for working out or the gym.  I get it, workout gear is generally comfortable stuff, so folks want to keep on wearing it.  Still, it’s not been something I personally would do.  At least, until the Coalatree Slim Fit Trailhead pants popped onto my radar.  

Kicking around with Helm Boots

Just as with watches, when you start diving into the world of shoes and boots, you get to discover all sorts of interesting brands that are out there, just doing their thing at the top of their game.  What I’ve found interesting is that, looking across the boot reviews we’ve been doing, they’ve been quite different styles, and a variety of price points.  Today, we’re moving into something a bit dressier with the Helm Boots Zind.

Keeping it fresh with the LabFresh Polo

This seems to a good time for apparel Kickstarter projects. We’ve featured several in the last few months, most recently a wool shirt from Western Rise just the other week. They did have a polo option, which I think many folks might prefer for summertime. Well, if wool isn’t your thing, then perhaps this new LabFresh Polo is what you’re on the search for.

Trekking around with the UT Lab Argonaut Explorer

It’s time for another installment in our series on men’s style items.  This go ‘round is brought to us by my search for a pair of black boots for the winter.  Not winter boots, per se (in other words, not for shoveling snow), but boots that worked for heading into the office that looked good, and would stand up to slush and show.  One day as I was taking a look at what Touch of Modern had to offer, I ran across these UT Lab Argonaut Explorers, and thought I’d give them a go.

It’s the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket 2.0

Not that long ago we brought you a review of a new (to us) outdoors-oriented brand, Coalatree.  They produce a variety of items that I think are perfect for camping or hiking.  Well, their most recent introduction (currently in funding on Kickstarter) wants to be a cooler-weather layer for you – the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket 2.0.

Get cozy with the Coalatree Evolution Hoodie

We’ve written about Coalatree a few different times (you can check those out here), and I like the approach that they’re taking for things. They seem to have hit a balance between outdoors and travel, with regards to where their products would best fit (spoiler: it’s for both). Their latest entry is now live on Kickstarter, the Coalatree Evolution Hoodie.