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Introducing the New Deep Blue Master 1000m Automatic

Deep Blue Watches wants to extend your holiday gift-giving (or -getting) with their new Deep Blue Master 1000’ Automatic. This stainless steel beast, like many of their models, comes equipped to go deep.

Go Deep with the Deep Blue Sea Quest Automatic Diver 1500m

Deep Blue Watches in New York has another deep-dive watch called the Sea Quest Automatic and this guy has the weight and the rating to go nearly a mile underwater.  This company has been around for 9 years now and aspires to be known as the accurate water resistant watch maker. The Deep Blue Sea Quest might do it with its Miyota-powered, stainless diver rating of 1,500m/5,000ft.

For Sale – Glycine Airman GMT 2000 – REDUCED


From my collection: a quartz Glycine Airman GMT 2000 circa 1980. Perfect condition. Nice lume. Rarely worn. $200 or trade. Email me at john at wristwatchreview dot com.

Please consider picking this up. I’d prefer one of you guys to have it than sell it on eBay.


Deep Blue Sun Diver 1K, More Meters per Dollar

Deep Blue Sun Diver 02Overbuilt dive watches are not very rare.  Inexpensive dive watches, even ones with automatic movements are not super hard to come across.  But an overbuilt diver for less than $250 (currently on sale), those are not all that common.  But this is what we find with the Deep Blue Sun Diver 1K dive watch.  Patrick has looked at a couple of Deep Blue watches previously, but all have been north of $500.

Hexa Osprey Watches on Touch of Modern

Hexa Osprey 01With the holidays right around the corner, we are going to be highlighting sales from time to time, and I wanted to bring this one to your attention.  Touch of Modern is a membership site that runs short duration sales, usually for about a week.  If you are not yet a member, you can join through this link, it is free.  Through November 11 at noon Pacific, the site is having a sale on Hexa Osprey Dive watches.

Touch of Modern Deals on Watches (and Accessories)

Tavannes 01

If you are not already a member of Touch of Modern, you really should join up.  It is a site that highlights cool designs, furnishings, clothes and toys, and offers them on sale for a few days.  There is new stuff on the site every day, and the sales only last for a couple of days.  We have highlighted a number of watch realted sales on the site, and I found three recent ones that I thought were worth mentioning.  Tavannes Watch Company has three versions of their skeleton watch up for sale; Catorex has 18 Swiss watches and pocketwatches on the site; and Rapport of London is selling a variety of watch winders and display/storage cases.

Tissot Danica Patrick T-Touch

OK, Tissot, we’ve got it. You like NASCAR. This is the latest in their racing themed pieces. It’s a limited edition T-Touch, only 500 made, designed for Danica Patrick, “a Tissot ambassador since 2005 and Indy Racing League driver [who] took home last season’s IRL Rookie of the Year award.”

This one will cost $750 and is available at authorized Tissot resellers.

Tissot’s Danica Patrick T-Touch Limited Edition comes with all the high-tech features consumers have come to expect in their T-Touch. The T-Touch offers proprietary tactile technology that is activated with the touch of the owner’s finger. Functions for the T-Touch include a compass, alarm, altimeter, barometric pressure (meteo), date, time, chronograph and thermometer. The Danica Patrick T-Touch Limited Edition also features a unique white leather strap with red stitching and a special case back with Indy racing car, Danica’s engraved signature and limited edition number.

Some Touch of Modern Watch Sales


It should go without saying, but Touch of Modern also has some rather nice watch sales going on right now as well.  They are a site that I tend to  check daily – not that I buy so much from them, but they often have interesting watch and men’s fashion things cropping up for sale, and that can get the old cranium thinking about what might work for a future acquisition.

The Ferro Distinct Single Hand Watch, Perfect for a Road Trip

Ferro Distinct Single Hand02So why do we wear watches?  The obvious answer is that we want to know what time it is, but that begs the follow up question, why do you want to know what time it is.  Maybe you have a date, a meeting, your parking meter is going to expire in an hour…  But what if you just want to know the approximate time?  Say, plus or minus 10 minutes.  Like, when you are driving.  It does not matter what time it is, you will get there when you get there.  The Ferro Distinct Single Hand Watch, with it’s motoring look, is the perfect watch for those times in your lives.

Cyber Monday Deals Roundup


So, earlier today, we had some posts (here and here) on some Cyber Monday deals that I was aware of over the weekend.  Well, this morning saw my inbox flooded with even more deals, so I have rounded them all up into a single post for you.