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Hunting For A Tide Watch


Nixon Lodown Titanium

I recently developed a burning need for a watch that displays tides. No, not the University of Alabama Crimson Tides, the ocean’s tides. High tide, low tide, slack tide, whether the tide is coming in or going out have much more import for me than ever before.

This calls for a new watch.

Buy ‘Em All and Let God Sort Them Out


Harry at WatchingHorology takes on the age old question: is it better to spend your wad on one timeless piece or buy a few, more inexpensive pieces. The jury is obviously out, but my suggestion is this: buy cheaper pieces at first and when you know what you want, sell them and buy the dream watch. Or, better yet, never buy the dream watch – remember, when the watch has had about 2 weeks of wrist time, the bloom is off the rose, friends. There are so few watches that can withstand a longer than usual wear time that it’s almost a fool’s game.

Many have suggested that I liquidate my collection to move on to a higher value piece such as a tourbillon or minute repeater. While I may have considered this, it has yet to take root in my collecting values. For me currently, I fell that unless it’s absolutely certain that the (over S$30k) purchase will not depreciate, I will not fork out the hard earned money nor liquidate the hard to acquire pieces of lesser value I have. Save for Pateks – which MAY have some assurance of its long term value and secondary market. Almost nothing in the watch world can promise a recovery of investment cost. For me, Patek does not especially do anything for me at its price point.

FAQ #2 – Single High Value Timepiece v Collection of Mid Values [WatchingHorology]

Would You Wear Your Watch To Jamaica


An interesting thread over at WatchUSeek. Eric asks if he should wear his Planet Ocean to Jamaica. First, do any street toughs know what a Planet Ocean is and second, this brings up an interesting point: is watch thievery still a big deal especially considering the glut of fakes and quartz junk out there?

Check out the thread here.

Wow: Laptops can affect accuracy!



The little experiments and photos were taken in April 2007, and had forgotten all about it.

I’m a notebook-user, and I’ve sent 2 watches for abnormal daily rate getting faster without placing my watches near mobile, speakers or even bags with the magnetic clips!

There is only one thing I use daily and many hours with it….. my notebook (or laptop)!

Coincidentally, I was trying to find some answers and was reading Donald de Carle’s Practical Watch Repairing…and there was a chapter on magnetism ( I’ve enclose a page of it for your reference, and also for the respect of copyrights).

* Magnetism, Have We Missed Out The Obvious? Laptop-Users Be Aware! [WatchProSite]

Inside Nivarox, The Most Important Company You’ve Never Heard Of


In the strange, small world of watchmaking, there’s lots of money to be made on items that we would call, at best, totemic. To make those items, you still need small mechanical parts. That’s where Nivarox comes in.

UPDATE – Just realized Patrick already wrote his, but I’ll leave this up for Twitter folks. Also, Patrick: Double-post! JINX!

A Portrait of Obsession

abbey2.jpgA quick post on WatchRap opens up a whole can of worms on the nature of watch collecting. It is an obsession, friends, and an expensive one at that. Not as expensive as buying a Corvette every year, but this stuff adds up.

You’re asking advice from a bunch of watch addicts that are willing to buy expensive photo equipment to take macro pictures of movements. We will go on vacation and take pictures of our watches in foreign places. We will drive a car really fast and take a picture of our watch beside the speedometer. We take pictures of screws and post them. We also get replies to the post. We have no common sense. We are really lemmings leading you to the edge of the horology cliff.

What should a person do… [WatchRap General Watch Discussion Board]

Absolutely Custom

WuS has one man’s quest for the PERFECT watch. The story he tells is an incredible tribute to watchmaking and patience.

Long story with loads of pics about my ‘little’ watch project 😉 [WatchuSeek

Among the Watchmakers



A great photo reportage on a German watchmaker in his little studio plus some amazing watch shots.

When visiting german watchmaker Christian Klings recently I felt reminded of this old term, not only because his tiny workshop, also on the top floor under the roof exactly meets this descriptions; also his style of watchmaking comes very, very close. Few has been written about Christian Klings and different from the few “stars” among the AHCI his name isnt that well known even among those, more focused on the world of independents.

The german “cabinotier”……. – []

Buying a Watch Today – A Non Watchie’s View

I don’t mind non-watchies talking about buying watches, but this article was a little too “I don’t know me arse from me elbow, har har” for my taste

Whatever, these watch companies give you all this active lifestyle guff and show you pictures of Swiss pensioners in brown store coats painstakingly assembling the inner workings with tweezers, and then they try to flog you something that is more complicated than a slide rule and is made from uranium. Or which is bigger and heavier than Fort Knox and would look stupid on even Puff Diddly.

I think I’ve found an answer, though. There’s a watch called the Bell & Ross BR 01-92 which, according to the blurb, is made in Switzerland from German parts by a company that supplies the American military and is used regularly by people who make a living by being fired from the gun turrets of Abrams M1 tanks while riding burning jet-skis.

This is kind of like the guy who says “I know nothing about cars and I’m really poor. What should I buy? A Porsche Carrera or a Boxster?” The second statement kind of negates the first statement. I mean that B&R he mentions is essentially his nemesis. Oh well.

I’m calling time on silly watches

I’m Just Not Into You…


One man, one watch, and the age-old question: do I really need another watch?

Back to the question. Is it ok if you dont like a watch which you blindly got, without seeing it in person. How to avoid it in the future???? What do you guys look for when u buy a watch you never seen in your life?

Is it ok if… you dont like a watch [PMWF]