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Among the Watchmakers



A great photo reportage on a German watchmaker in his little studio plus some amazing watch shots.

When visiting german watchmaker Christian Klings recently I felt reminded of this old term, not only because his tiny workshop, also on the top floor under the roof exactly meets this descriptions; also his style of watchmaking comes very, very close. Few has been written about Christian Klings and different from the few “stars” among the AHCI his name isnt that well known even among those, more focused on the world of independents.

The german “cabinotier”……. – []

Balance-cocks Wha?

coq-3.jpgBalance cocks are the little pices that fit over the balance wheel to keep them in place. They sometimes look like little chickens, or coqs, and have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going through your filthy dirty mind. Fascination has a huge article on the them, explaining that they were once so beautiful people actually wore them as jewelry. Stupid people.

Balance-cocks and watch keys [fascination]

Velociphile Gets Cheeky: Watch Love Signs


b6.jpgWhat kind of lover are you? The Velociphile will help you suss out your style:

Panimo – Gullible, you like clocks and have a small one.

Sinfortima – Nobody pulls the wool over your eyes. A bit dull, you manage to live life pretty hard. Decisive, you have a big one.

Watch Lovers Nine Signs [Velociphile’s Journey into Watches]

eBay Scam Alert


An interesting WatchUSeek post that can help us all on the ‘Bay:

I am currently selling a fairly expensive watch (>$1000) on eBay as a Buy It Now item. Here is an email I received from a potential buyer with zero feedback:

< >

It seems very suspicious. But I do not want to alienate a genuine customer. What kind of questions might I ask to make sure this is not a scam? Is a confirmed Paypal account enough?

(I should specify that in my listing I state that I ship CONUS/Canada only)

Umm…. yes. That’s a massive scam and it’s why I seriously doubt I’ll be using eBay anymore. I tried to sell a phone last month and I got four separate winning bidders from Nigeria and one from Canada when I said I’d only ship to the US. eBay, I’m afraid to say, is now useless.

Is this an eBay scam? [Watchuseek Watch Forums]

To Better Know a Movement: The Seiko Classics


There is no better way to jump into classic watch collecting than with the Seiko classics. These movements – and watches – come in multiple forms and flavors with different complications and cases. Based on Seiko’s workhorse base movement, these watches have been running consistently and constantly since the the 1960s and are still available online for a pittance.

Buying a Watch Today – A Non Watchie’s View

I don’t mind non-watchies talking about buying watches, but this article was a little too “I don’t know me arse from me elbow, har har” for my taste

Whatever, these watch companies give you all this active lifestyle guff and show you pictures of Swiss pensioners in brown store coats painstakingly assembling the inner workings with tweezers, and then they try to flog you something that is more complicated than a slide rule and is made from uranium. Or which is bigger and heavier than Fort Knox and would look stupid on even Puff Diddly.

I think I’ve found an answer, though. There’s a watch called the Bell & Ross BR 01-92 which, according to the blurb, is made in Switzerland from German parts by a company that supplies the American military and is used regularly by people who make a living by being fired from the gun turrets of Abrams M1 tanks while riding burning jet-skis.

This is kind of like the guy who says “I know nothing about cars and I’m really poor. What should I buy? A Porsche Carrera or a Boxster?” The second statement kind of negates the first statement. I mean that B&R he mentions is essentially his nemesis. Oh well.

I’m calling time on silly watches

Wither Tourbillons?


cortex3.jpgA great story on the history and value of modern tourbillons. That still doesn’t make me want to get one, though. They’re cute, but not worth the price.

FROM 1801 to 1945, about 600 to 800 tourbillons were made in total, an average of four to six per year. In contrast, the respected Jaeger-LeCoultre Platinum 2 Reverso was already a 500-piece limited edition produced over several years. And Girard-Perregaux reportedly makes about 150 of its iconic Three Golden Bridges classic annually.

Why the big spin on tourbillons? [The Straits Times]

A Portrait of Obsession

abbey2.jpgA quick post on WatchRap opens up a whole can of worms on the nature of watch collecting. It is an obsession, friends, and an expensive one at that. Not as expensive as buying a Corvette every year, but this stuff adds up.

You’re asking advice from a bunch of watch addicts that are willing to buy expensive photo equipment to take macro pictures of movements. We will go on vacation and take pictures of our watches in foreign places. We will drive a car really fast and take a picture of our watch beside the speedometer. We take pictures of screws and post them. We also get replies to the post. We have no common sense. We are really lemmings leading you to the edge of the horology cliff.

What should a person do… [WatchRap General Watch Discussion Board]

Handmade Watch… We Mean Really Handmade


image004.jpgHere is an excellent look at Donald W. Corson’s foray into creating his own watch completely by hand. We’re talking everything from the movement. Amazing stuff.

The following are posts I made to an Internet watchmaking forum describing the advancement of my work during the course of almost a year. From a few square pieces of cold brass to a working movement in a one-of-a-kind case. One of the joys of this work was the constant changes in skillset needed. From machinist to watchmaker to silversmith, etc.. As such the work is never boring, never repetitive, always new challenges and unknowns to be overcome.

Making a Watch by Hand [Ticino]

A Tale of a Vulcain Cricket

My buddy Amit lives in Nigeria now and just bought a Vulcain Cricket GMT to celebrate a new job. He wrote a bit about his experience and it was quite moving.

I tell you what, buying the Vulcain was a real
extravagance but I didn’t do it on a whim. I’ve always known that I would
buy a nice watch at some point and when I saw the thing in a shop window I
knew that would be the one. I then made an agreement with Claire that I
would only buy it if/when I got my next job. So that watch waited for me
in that shop window for five months. In fact, although we then bought the
watch when my new job had been agreed in principle, I didn’t wear it until
the paperwork had been completed and that took another three months!! I
had my wife hide it in the house and then had to try and forget about it.
It was agony!!