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Buy ‘Em All and Let God Sort Them Out


Harry at WatchingHorology takes on the age old question: is it better to spend your wad on one timeless piece or buy a few, more inexpensive pieces. The jury is obviously out, but my suggestion is this: buy cheaper pieces at first and when you know what you want, sell them and buy the dream watch. Or, better yet, never buy the dream watch – remember, when the watch has had about 2 weeks of wrist time, the bloom is off the rose, friends. There are so few watches that can withstand a longer than usual wear time that it’s almost a fool’s game.

Many have suggested that I liquidate my collection to move on to a higher value piece such as a tourbillon or minute repeater. While I may have considered this, it has yet to take root in my collecting values. For me currently, I fell that unless it’s absolutely certain that the (over S$30k) purchase will not depreciate, I will not fork out the hard earned money nor liquidate the hard to acquire pieces of lesser value I have. Save for Pateks – which MAY have some assurance of its long term value and secondary market. Almost nothing in the watch world can promise a recovery of investment cost. For me, Patek does not especially do anything for me at its price point.

FAQ #2 – Single High Value Timepiece v Collection of Mid Values [WatchingHorology]

Nasty Seller Acts Nasty – Watch Out for Dualtime.CH


A shifty store, Dualtime sold one of the watch folks a Glycine with box and papers. Apparently, the buyer received only the watch and then got a broken box and weird papers for his trouble. I suppose they’re someone to watch out for now.

Bad bad experience of online trading (pls read) [BWF]

How to Buy a 6309


An amazingly detailed post on how to buy a Seiko 6309 diver, one of the iconic Japanese divers of the last century. The 6309 has an automatic movement and is built like a tank with the crown at 4 o’clock. I have my father’s, which I redid completely after he left it sitting in a drawer for about 20 years. It’s a striking piece and, along with the Orange Monster, is a great newbie collector’s watch.

HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6309 DIVER (Belongs in FAQ) [Seiko and Citizen Forum]

Absolutely Custom

WuS has one man’s quest for the PERFECT watch. The story he tells is an incredible tribute to watchmaking and patience.

Long story with loads of pics about my ‘little’ watch project 😉 [WatchuSeek

Wear Your Nice Watch or Not?


Nice fat thread about wearing a “nice” watch – do it or not? I wear my Speedmaster to death. No reason to treat these things with kid gloves.

How does everyone feel about wearing their nice watches to work and around the house? One one hand I feel that I spent alot of money on these watches and I should enjoy wearing them even with the chance that they could get a scratch or mark on them. One the other hand I don’t want to get them scratched or damaged. I’m not talking about a $10, 000 watch. But more like $500 to $2500 watches. I’m leaning toward’s “just wear them and enjoy them.”

Check it out here.

Some Thoughts on Glashutte

Still getting my head around the Glashutte trip I went on two weeks ago. I’m working on a story for InSync, as well, so I’ll just offer a bare bones assessment of the factory and leave the heavy lifting for the dead tree magazine.

On the whole Glashutte turns out excellent pieces. That’s not surprising. Lots of people can do that. But to see it done, all by hand, in a long trip through both time and space, was just incredible. I mean get this: they have one guy who does all the engraving. If he were to get sick or decide to join a commune, the company is in a bad way.

The Spring Drive Revisted


Check out Velociphile’s take on the Spring Drive. Thorough. Very thorough.

Because it is a continuation of a line of evolution, it makes sense, at least to me, that developing better mechanicals remains valid; the logic being in the absence of quartz where could we be? And this is where I start to struggle with Spring Drive.

Read the rest here.

Excellent Story About One Man’s JLC


Velociphile does it again.

I was recently showing some industry execs one of our new technology demonstrators. One of them turned out to be someone I???d known for several years and being very happy to see them I gave our demo driver a rest and took to the track with them myself. Sat alternately pinned and restrained in the passenger seat harness answering his questions as the car whooshed through its paces I noticed his wrist on the gear shift sported a JLC. I pointed it out and in his broken English, while still tackling the course, he told me its story…

Read the rest here.

Would You Wear Your Watch To Jamaica


An interesting thread over at WatchUSeek. Eric asks if he should wear his Planet Ocean to Jamaica. First, do any street toughs know what a Planet Ocean is and second, this brings up an interesting point: is watch thievery still a big deal especially considering the glut of fakes and quartz junk out there?

Check out the thread here.

Best Beater Thread

Nice thread on the BIG Watch Forum about the best cheap beaters. Some interesting ideas.

I would say my best beater is the Sandoz Diver. Automatic, withstands gardening and wall fixing, and looks nice.

Check out the entire threa here.