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I’m Pleased To Welcome Baby Girl Kansa To The WristWatchReview Family


Patrick, the dude who literally saved this site from destruction about a year ago and kept it alive, just welcomed a new little girl to his happy family in Chicago. Let’s all give her a warm WWR welcome and I’d personally like to thank Patrick for being such a trooper.

The Tissot NBA Roadshow is Coming to Chicago

Chicago Bulls Edition Tissot Quickster
Chicago Bulls Edition Tissot Quickster

I like talking about local watch makers, and I also like bringing you word of cool watch-related events that are coming to my neck of the woods.  Tissot is making a lot of noise around their new partnership with the NBA.  At the moment, we do not have much in the way of new designs or team-specific watches, but they are working to get the word out about the relationship.

WatchBuys Road Show Report, Fun Times in the Rose City

The main collection of Sinn watches on display

WatchBuys is an on-line retailer of German Watches, where the watches they represent have a limited or non-existent retail presence.  With limited ability to go into a store, it is tough to really get a feel for the quality and, frankly, beauty of these watches.  Hence, a road show.  The events are invitation only, but all you have to do in order to get an invitation is ask.  There are no sales whatsoever at the WatchBuys road show events, it is all for watch lovers to check out these smaller brands.  This past weekend they were in Los Angeles (Pasadena to be exact), and I checked out the wares.

Bremont Flying High With New 2018 Releases

As many of our readers know, last year marked the first time in many years that Bremont did not attend Baselworld. They decided to release their new-for-2017 models at their own event in London dubbed, appropriately, Bremont Townhouse. Following up on a successful 2017 event, Bremont is rinsing and repeating for 2018, kicking off their 3-day Townhouse event on February 27th (the day I write this). Let’s take a closer look at what’s been announced.

3 Lessons Learned While Speed-Dating Watchmakers

I recently returned from a week photographing the annual conference of American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI). I was there to teach photography and get images of the event that has been held annually since 1960. I felt like I was speed-dating at a club of modern-day watchmaking shamans, who openly talked about missing their watch bench and the trance-state in which they function as they solve our watch-wearing woes.  I learned a lot about what to look for in a watchmaker.

Just Hangin’ With Your Watch Peeps


If you’re like me, every waking moment of your life is spent thinking about watches. Every free minute in your day is spent reading about watches. People look at you funny when you stop on the street and start taking pictures of your wrist, spinning around and lifting and lowering your arm to get just the right light. You now ENJOY going to the mall just so you can stop into every jewelry store to look at watches. You carry a cleaning cloth in your back pocket to make sure your watch always looks its best, and you have shelves full of books about…well…watches. God help you if you’re like me!

Want Input into a Watch Design?


Help create a watch design?  You know you want to!  The next question is, can you make it in person to an event in Montreal?  If you answered yes to both of those, and you can spare $1 CAD, or you can’t do the 1st two and want to get on the mailing list for a new watch, check out Division Furtive’s new kickstarter campaign.  Patrick took a look at their last kickstarter project, the Type 40 back in 2012.


For this campaign, Division Furtive is not offering a watch, but rather the chance to sit in on a design focus group to provide input into their next watch, the Type 50.  If you attend the event, you also get a keychain, and by supporting the event ether way, you will get updates on the project, which will be launched on a Canadian-based kickstarter platform.  The event is stated to take place in June, which I don’t think will happen since the campaign will end in July, but it will be this summer.  The event will be at ETOH Brasserie in Montreal (Yelp page), a nice looking spot with local beers, other drinks and nibbles.

WristWatchReview Is Seven Years Old


I was just poking around when I noticed that WWR was born in June, 2006 and, having missed the big day, I thought I’d celebrate now.

It’s been a long couple of years, many of them dry and desiccated thanks to my many intervening gigs including EIC of Gizmodo and now TechCrunch. But I founded this site to learn more about watches and now, it seems, that I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I’ve written nearly a thousand posts on this site and also written 100,000 words on watches for other sources. I’ve also recently started working with Ariel Adams and we’re already at episode 86 of the Hourtime Show. Pretty nuts.

Sinn Party in Frankfurt

Sinn_Logo.jpgI’m going to guess we won’t be able to make this one, but FYI:

Dear watch-collectors and watch enthusiasts,

on September 3rd the former pilot, rallye driver and well known watchmaker from Frankfurt, Helmut Sinn, or as his friends do call him, the “fast Helmut”, celebrates his 90th birthday!

For this reason Helmut Sinn invites you for a small snack and a drink on

Saturday, the 2nd of September 2006, from 10:00 to approx. 16:00
in his office rooms of JUBILAR UHREN in Schultheissenweg 40, 60489 Frankfurt am Main. The office is in the district of Rödelheim, close to the old water tower.

Watch lovers will have the opportunity to see the entire Jubilar-, Guinand- and Chronosport-collections, or have a interesting chat with the watch master craftman Helmut Dietz, for all others there will be plenty of time to talk to Helmut Sinn himself.

So, come along, Helmut Sinn, or better: the “fast Helmut” is looking forward to seeing you!

Best regards,

Martina Kammel
Jubilar Uhren

P.S.: for our planning it would be very helpful if you could please answer to this invitation unti the 14th of August 2006. Please send us an e-mail under “” or give us a call under 49 69 78 00 99. Thank you.

Meet by the old water tower!

Helmut Sinn proudly invites you! – Watchuseek Watch Forums [WatchuSeek]

Time To Meet The Maker




No, no, not your maker, but instead, a maker.  Specifically, Cameron Weiss of Weiss Watch Co.  He is going to be at Modern Anthology in Brooklyn next Tuesday, November 4th.  Weiss has been creating interesting watches since 2013, and a chat with the guy making the watches you are checking out is always a good thing.  If you want to attend, just shoot them an email and let ’em know that WWR sent ya!