Mr Jones Watches The Green Man Watch, Wear your Vegetables

May 14, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

Mr Jones Watches Company is a small, self described cult watch brand out of London. They make interesting looking and affordable watches that are definitely outside the norm. Patrick has tended to cover the brand in the past, but I am going to look at the Mr Jones Watches The Green Man, a definite departure from the norm.

Do Good With a Can (Watch)

May 27, 2014 . by Matt Himmelstein

One of the nice things about writing for a widely read site is that companies will send us notices of upcoming designs and products in advance of the public release. This was the case with the Can Watch, who sent us a notice a while back. I will be honest, my reaction at the time was not positive. But in reflection, the watch project on Kickstarter is definitely unique and will give anyone who gets one of these watches a story behind the product, and the project does hope to do good on a couple of levels.

GANT (Yes, GANT) Releases A Wristwatch Line

November 16, 2012 . by John Biggs

A million be-slacked boys have cursed the name of GANT for most of their puberty and now, with much fanfare, they can also check the time on their GANT branded watches. Called the L.A.S., it is a quartz piece with a grains of rice bracelet and it has a domed plexiglas crystal and “epoxy coated”…

Plutocrats Take Note: ArtyA Introduces The “Bye Bye Euro” Watch

November 4, 2011 . by John Biggs

Need to check if you’re late to your Bilderberg meeting? What better way than to wear the Bye Bye Euro watch, a timepiece that celebrates the death of Europe’s last great financial hope. Our old, crazy buddies at ArtyA made the watch in their “crushed” case – a case that’s zapped with wild amounts of…

TIL Swarovski Is Serious About Watches

October 18, 2011 . by John Biggs

Product placement FTW! Swarovski is apparently trying to flog watches more actively so they hired some time in a music video. How did I learn this information? From Brit’s violence-filled Criminal intro video where some American dude punches out a poncy Englishman and then rides off on his Harley while examining the Japanese-made watch on…

The Party Don’t Start ‘Til Casio Hires Ke$ha To Half-Heartedly Design A Baby-G

September 21, 2011 . by John Biggs

Ariel got some hot video of Ke$shaha talking about her sexy new Baby-G line! They come in red, white, and blue! And animal print! She wants Dave Grohl to wear her watch! Also Obama! What a great spokesperson!

The Welder K29

January 13, 2010 . by John Biggs

53 millimeters of steaming hot steel from San Marino. It’s massive, it’s sexy, it’s red and black, it’s got three movements, and it’s from the coolest little country noone’s ever heard of. With a chrono and two other time displays, this beast from the mountains surrounded by Italy is awesome. The movements are Miyota, it…