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My Blancier Article in InSync

I wrote a profile of Blancier for InSync magazine, one of the best titles out there for U.S. watch coverage—I’m not just saying that, either. Go and get yourself a copy and read some of their great Basel coverage and to read my interviews with Willem Kamerman and Till Lottermann, two of the coolest watch ninjas out there.

INTERVIEW: Ted Brown of Berkbinder & Brown (Part 2)


For those of you just joining in, we had a chance to sit down with Ted Brown of  Berkbinder & Brown to talk about his Tool Watch.  Yesterday, we covered the beginning of the Tool Watch, Mr. Brown’s “watch cred”, and choice of movement.  In today’s installment, we’ll dig into the case design a bit more.

A Tale of a Vulcain Cricket

My buddy Amit lives in Nigeria now and just bought a Vulcain Cricket GMT to celebrate a new job. He wrote a bit about his experience and it was quite moving.

I tell you what, buying the Vulcain was a real
extravagance but I didn’t do it on a whim. I’ve always known that I would
buy a nice watch at some point and when I saw the thing in a shop window I
knew that would be the one. I then made an agreement with Claire that I
would only buy it if/when I got my next job. So that watch waited for me
in that shop window for five months. In fact, although we then bought the
watch when my new job had been agreed in principle, I didn’t wear it until
the paperwork had been completed and that took another three months!! I
had my wife hide it in the house and then had to try and forget about it.
It was agony!!

IMterview With Reidenschild’s James Newell

411b9f4_3.jpgrtl.bmpRiedenschild is a small German watch company just starting out here in the U.S. Most famous for their Darksea Diver, the company is now increasing its presence and is offering quartz and automatics with Swiss and Japanese movements. We talked to U.S. rep James Newell about the company.

Want to talk back? Check out our official Reidenschild forum.

WWR: Tell me about the company? Who runs it? Where is it based?

Newell: The company is german based company from Munich. We design and produce the watches there. The company in Germany in Owned by Oliver Wolf. I am the Owner of the US based operations. My full name is Dr. James Newell.

INTERVIEW: Ted Brown of Berkbinder & Brown (Part 1)



Recently, I had a chance to tour the assembly facility for Berkbinder & Brown, and sit down with the man behind the Tool Watch, Mr. Ted Brown.  For those not familiar with the Tool Watch, it’s one of the newest American-designed and -made watches that got it’s start via Kickstarter.  Read on, and see what we talked about.

An Everyday Carry Interview with Gunny, Mr. R. Lee Ermey


When it comes to our Everyday Carry, we are often times relying on experts (such as those at EverydayCarry) to point us in the right direction for particular pieces of gear we might be looking to add.  Of course, a lot of what you end up carrying comes to be through trial-and-error, just figuring out what works best for your preferences.  

INTERVIEW: Ted Brown of Berkbinder & Brown (Part 4)


We had a chance to sit down with Ted Brown of  Berkbinder & Brown to talk about his Tool Watch.  So far, we covered the beginning of the Tool Watch, Mr. Brown’s “watch cred”, choice of movement, and the case design, and some other “miscellaneous” items.  Today we’ll conclude our interview.

INTERVIEW: Ted Brown of Berkbinder & Brown (Part 3)



We had a chance to sit down with Ted Brown of  Berkbinder & Brown to talk about his Tool Watch.  So far, we covered the beginning of the Tool Watch, Mr. Brown’s “watch cred”, choice of movement, and the case design.  In today’s installment, cover a few more areas, and start to wrap things up.

Buscum Ducis Watches Redux: An interview with 21-year old founder Sven van der Zande


scaledbuscum-1.jpgSven van der Zande of Buscum Ducis is young entrepreneur in the best way. Taking risk, while putting forth a product and business built on idealism and the customer. Although he denies the idealism, his focus on the customer sends another message in a time when companies buy up old names for marketing purposes.

At 21, he’s been in business for a few years already, but chose to start his own watch company. He says, “I like designing and brainstorming in my spare time and I have always thought that there are only very few companies in the world that really concentrate on one concept, that is what I am going to do, I am going to design a watch with input from my customers to make this watch as perfect as it can be, with a lot of personal customer service. Which means that both buying the watch and the service afterwards is as personal as it gets. All for lower prices then your average watch with those specifications.”

An Interview with David McCready

images.jpegDavid McCready got into the watch business by accident. His father, a renowned engineer who built some of the first microwave systems, was an inveterate collector of arcane electronics. One day, when McCready was a boy, the son of a jeweler accidentally rang the wrong doorbell. McCready answered and the man peeked in and was amazed at the equipment that filled the McCready’s house. The jeweler’s son followed in McCready’s father’s footsteps and became and expert in electronics. McCready followed in the jeweler’s footsteps — at the age of 13 McCready took up the loupe and watch knife. The rest, as they say, is history.