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Ziiiro Goes To Space



It’s been some time since we had Ziiiro on these pages, so it was a pleasant surprise when I was notified by the folks over at Watchismo that a new model had just been released.

Triwa Adds Some Chevrons



If you recall, when I last reviewed a Triwa piece (read about that here), I really liked what I saw.  Just recently, they’ve added a new model to the lineup – the Chevron Lomin.

TokyoFlash Introduces The Polygon Watch



It seemed to me like ToykoFlash was a little overdue for bringing another time display-bending model to the market, and then I was notified of their newest one – the Kisai Polygon.

Time Flies For The Human Time Project




We first brought your attention to the Human Time project back in October of last year, and they’re still going strong.  As a matter of fact, now that they’ve hit their one-year anniversary, they have a special model that they’re coming out with.

How 'bout American-Made?



Our friends over at The CGA Company have an interesting project they”re trying to get off the ground.  Basically, they getting a new watch brand up and running, but there”s more to it than that.

Kisai Introduces The Maru



While I rather doubt this watch had anything to do with the Kobayashi Maru, it’s still a rather intriguing one from the folks over at TokyoFlash.

How About A Linear-Display Watch?



I”ve been keeping an eye on what the folks (well, folk, it”s a one-man shop at the moment) have been cooking up over at Division Furtive for a while now.  So, what makes another boutique / small batch watch maker worth your interest?  Frankly, it has to do solely with the watch itself.

Bathys Gives You Durable



More often than not, when someone is looking for an extremely durable everyday watch, they”ll go to the G-Shock line, and for good reason.  They”ve got an established track record as one of, if not the, most abuse-proof watches.  But what if you”re not a fan of digital readouts?

Magrette Has A New Model Ready For Pre-Order



Yes, it’s no secret here – I’m a fan of what Magrette brings to the table with their watches.  Their latest model, which just went up for pre-order, looks like another hit.

Limes Has A New Diver For You


The last time we took a look at a model from Limes, it was quite a sophisticated looking piece.  While their newest model is no less polished, it definitely is putting off a more adventurous vibe.