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Kickin’ it Octagon Style

Often, when a company is looking to drum up business on Kickstarter (or any other crowd-funding site), it’s because they’re not established or want to secure pre-orders, and generally do this by offering things at pretty affordable price points. Because, frankly, you as the buyer are shouldering a good deal of risk.  Well, this is not so with the latest project to hit KS from Mark Carson, with his new Mark Carson Octagon Watch.  Cause, you see, Carson likes to do things differently.

Introducing Belmoto Timepieces


Sometimes, a brand will want to branch out into new designs – this happens quite a bit, across many industries. If there is some concern that the new direction might dilute or otherwise confuse what had already been built, a new brand will be created, allowing some other avenues to be explored. Of course, all the expertise and history travel along from the sister brand, which makes what we have with the Belmoto Timepieces an interesting proposition.

Recapping the Visitor Watch Co Reveal Week


This has been quite the week for Visitor Watch Co. If you recall, I took at look at their inaugural offering, the Duneshore back in November of 2014. Since then, things have been in a bit of radio silence. Sure, the watch was available, but there had not been any word on a new model. Well, that silence has been broken, and in a big way. Starting on Monday of this week, Visitor Watch Co revealed a new product each day this week. Since the last item was revealed, I thought it worthwhile to take a look at everything that is coming out.

Hager Has Some Watches Up For Pre-Order



We recently got word from our friends over at Hager about their newest watches in the pipeline, along with some pre-order discounts that are available.  If you recall, we took a look at their crowd-funded project about a year ago.  That project didn’t end up hitting the funding levels, but Hager is back at it with production of affordable watches with clean style and solid movements here in the US of A.

Rocking out with the Igneous Santa Maria

As you can no doubt imagine, pitches from brands launching on a crowdfunding platform come in with a steady regularity.  Fortunately, some of them seem to have read (or just innately know) our article on what we like to see from a project, and we have the opportunity to become aware of – and then tell you about – some of the more interesting stuff hitting our inboxes.  The most recent of these is the Igneous Santa Maria, which launches on Indiegogo on December 4, 2017.

Preorder Alert: moVas Oceaner 3

You know who we haven’t heard from in a long time? moVas, that’s who. Well, that’s more on us than them. moVas has been out there, still creating watches, and they’re back this time with a iteration of a previous model (one we’ve not written about, actually). Meet the moVas Oceaner 3.

Take a spin with the Uriel Geneqt Mechanics Cufflinks

Do you remember back to when I first told you about the Uriel Geneqt cufflinks in 2017, and then earlier this year brought you a hands-on review of those same links?  Those are a fun way to get your watches integrated into your suit (aside from, well, wearing a watch). Not everyone wants to track the time on their cuffs, though, so perhaps you would find the Uriel Geneqt Mechanics Cufflinks more to your liking.

Carnot Watches Riviera – Champagne Living, Beer Budget

Carnot Riviera 2Recently, the folks behind a new watch start-up reached out to us to introduce their product, the Carnot Watches Riviera model.  Now, I have not had a chance to check out the watch in hand, but the look of the prototypes  is very polished and the team does not seem to be overpromising.  Another nice change when compared to crowd sourcing, is that you are buying an actual product when you put your money down, so you will have protections offered by your credit card companies that are not in place with crowd funded campaigns.  Overall, the watch looks to be a nicely made product that offers a fair bit of value.

Flying over the fields with the Isotope Old Radium

In our recently published review of the Isotope Goutte d’Eau, I teased the fact that the brand had something in the works for those who might not exactly care for a dive watch aesthetic. In this case, you’ve still got the teardrop inspiration – albeit inverted – in a much different look and style. This, friends, is what the Isotope Old Radium is offering.

Introducing the Lum-Tec Combat B33 GMT

Lum-Tec-Combat -B33-GMT-02

We here at WWR like to focus on a wide variety of watches, and we certainly enjoy when we get to showcase something that is built in our neck of the woods.  One brand we have not focused on as much, for whatever reason, is Ohio-based Lum-Tec.  They just recently announced their new-for-2016 models, and there was one in particular that caught my eye – the Lum-Tec Combat B33 GMT.