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Introducing the Ball Engineer II Timetrekker

You know me, watch friends – I like GMT complications, I’m a big fan of tritium tubes, and I really dig a cyclops over a date window. Mix all of those together, and you certainly have my attention, and Ball has done that in the past. Well, this time, they’ve taken things up a notch by finally doing something I’d hope they do for awhile now – put flat tritium tubes onto the handset! That’s right – the Ball Engineer II Timetrekker has done something new.

Introducing the latest Ball Roadmaster Archangel

We here at WWR are big fans of tritium in watches, and Ball has been doing it that up on their dials for ages. Within their lineup, I’ve got specific things that I like (and like less), but anytime there’s a cyclops showing up on the crystal, I like to take a closer look. As luck would have it, two of the recently-released Ball Roadmaster Archangel models have that precise feature.

Just launched: The MAALS Giri Ventiquattro

Hey, do remember MAALS? We went hands on with their first model (right here) a little over two years ago, and now they’re back with their latest creation, just launched today on Kickstarter: the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro.

Coming soon to Kickstarter: the Vesuviate Doppio

When we’re talking about crowdfunded watches, we’re often telling you once the campaign is underway – and we don’t normally have a chance to go hands-on. Well, today’s review is a bit different as it IS a hands-on review, and it’s for a watch that doesn’t launch until July 28th – the Vesuviate Doppio.

Now funding: The Mercer Nomad GMT

It’s been a long three years since we had Mercer on our pages (you can see that here). It’s not that we’ve been ignoring them, it’s just, well, life marches on and things can fall off the radar. But I’ll say, I got some very strong pings when I caught word of the Mercer Nomad GMT hitting Kickstarter.

Getting carved up – it’s the Egard Bermuda

Yesterday’s watch almost reveled in it’s elegant simplicity. What if you want something with, shall we say, a bit more flash to it? On Instagram, I’ve seen photos of watches that skilled engravers have gotten a hold of (and you know what, even Magrette has done some), and I find them amazing to behold. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the look. All of that handwork can raise prices a good bit, though. This new Egard Bermuda looks to help address that.

It’s time for an Undone x Simple Union mashup

Undone has been doing a lot of interesting things as of late. When I first heard of them, they were basically doing semi-custom watches where you had some choices in how basic platforms were executed. They?ve since expanded out into some interesting partnerships, most memorably Peanuts and Batman. With their latest edition – the Undone MU?2 – they?re bring some very interesting Japanese design cues to your wrist.

Introducing the NineFour Successor

When it comes to watches being released on pre-order, it seems they fall into one of two ditches – you hear about them 6 months ahead of time and forget when they launch, or you hear about it the day before the pre-order closes and you don?t have time to decide. Well, today we?re right down the middle of the road with our review of the upcoming NineFour Successor.

(Re)Introducing the Ball Roadmaster M Icebreaker Arabic

I know, I know – I just wrote about the Ball Roadmaster M Icebreaker a few months ago (which you can see here). But, you see, there’s a new version out, and while I’ve tended to like the Fireman line from Ball, I think the Roadmaster lineup is quickly becoming my new favorite from the brand. So, what does the Ball Roadmaster M Icebreaker Arabic have in store for you?

Getting colorful with the Ardor & Forge Rothrock Detweiler

While I?m all for a classic design (and recently, my tastes have definitely skewed in that more-conservative direction for watches), there is most definitely a part of me that hungers to see brands unafraid to play with colors – either through treatments or by material usage. Established brands (unless they?re prone to flights of fancy in their design DNA) seem afraid to take that leap. That means that it?s a great niche for smaller brands to shine, and I think the Ardor & Forge Rothrock Detweiler exemplifies this.