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The Circula Heritage Automatic gives new life to old movements

If you’ve followed my writing for the past few years, you are no doubt aware that one of the reasons I like mechanical watches is the simple fact that they buck the trend of disposable consumerism. In other words, properly maintained, a quality movement can last for decades. This is nowhere more evident when a brand takes an old movement and puts it into a new application. One of the latest ones to do this is the Circula Heritage Automatic.

These new Riskers don’t seem risky to me

When you write about consumer products (be it electronics, cars, or watches) you get used to all sorts of random, unsolicited pitches. That’s how I first became aware of Riskers, but it was – of all things – via a connection on LinkedIn. Mr. Pierre Guerrier – an ex-Richemont executive reached out, and we started talking. He started sharing some details of a new project he was forming with some others, and I was definitely interested. That project was unveiled to the world earlier this month via a Kickstarter project for the new brand, Riskers Watches.

Introducing the Oak & Oscar Olmsted

When I first started writing about watches, it seemed that there was an arms race to create bigger and bigger cases. And I’ll admit, I got caught up in it as well. These days, though, I’ve shifted more to classic designs and slimmer, more compact cases. Fortunately, there are watch brands also swinging the pendulum back in that direction, and the Oak & Oscar Olmsted is an example of how well it can be done.

Christopher Ward expands the C65 line in a vintage military direction

For many brands, there’s a flagship watch. In fact, they may have several, and you know when it comes time for a refresh, you’ll see some new twist on the platform. For Christopher Ward, one of the legs that they stand on is their C65 Trident lineup. Recently, the British brand introduced models paying homage to post-war military watches actually commissioned by the UK Armed Forces.

The Obris Morgan Seastar, now accepting orders

You know me – I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know new brands as they start out, and then keeping tabs on their products as they expand and develop. I first wrote about the brand back in 2011 and here we are, 8 years later, with something that shows tremendous growth in what they’re producing. They’ve currently got up for order, not one, but two watches in the Obris Morgan Seastar lineup.

Back with a beautiful watch, it’s the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT

Magrette is a brand that I will freely admit I have a soft spot for. The Magrette Regattare 2011 was my first automatic watch, and since then, I have reviewed a number of the watches that have come from the New Zealand brand. Things have been quiet for awhile, but now they are back with a big splash. Introducing the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT.

This is not a misprint: the Raven Deep Tech is available for pre-order

Raven Watches, out in Kansas, has been putting out some simply sublime pieces. Unfortunately, if you miss out on something they’ve released, you’re simply out of luck (or headed to the resale market) – it’s a certain number built and sold, and then thats it. Until the spotlight shines down, and you get a re-release. This time, it’s the Raven Deep Tech getting the treatment.

Coming soon to Kickstarter: The Merlin Sea Legend

Stop me if you’ve heard this pitch before – “Hey, we’re a bunch of friends who got together to make a watch…” Yes, it’s an old story, and regardless of it’s true or not, the inner cynic pipes in with all manner of wonderment at what sort of junk is being pitched. Then you come to something like the Merlin Sea Legend, and the inner cynic needs to go back to telling kids to stay off the lawn, because this watch is something different and cool.

Introducing the Ball Watch Roadmaster Icebreaker

It should be no surprise to anyone that, when Ball introduces a new watch, I am more than a little interested. Sure, what I gravitate towards in their lineup has shifted over time, but they are still producing things that I’m finding interesting. The latest of these, which is now up for pre-order, is the Ball Watch Roadmaster Icebreaker.

Flying over the fields with the Isotope Old Radium

In our recently published review of the Isotope Goutte d’Eau, I teased the fact that the brand had something in the works for those who might not exactly care for a dive watch aesthetic. In this case, you’ve still got the teardrop inspiration – albeit inverted – in a much different look and style. This, friends, is what the Isotope Old Radium is offering.