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Xeric Halograph, Circling back Around

Xeric Halograph Automatic 01Xeric launched it’s third (and fourth) models on Kickstarter, and the design keeps with the company’s shared DNA, but brings the look back to a more traditional round case.  The first Xeric used the rotation of the movement in an open window to indicate the hours, with a double sided minute hand for the minutes.  The second time out, they kept the hour hand, but evolved the minute hand so that the time was framed inside a circle on one of two half-circle tracks.  This time, the hour and minute hand both indicate the time on half circle tracks, and the movement is shown only with the two balance wheels.

Xeric Halograph Automatic 02Telling the time is fairly simple to do, even if it is complicated to describe.  Both watches above show 10:10.  When the time gets to the bottom half of the hour, the other circle swings to the top, framing the inner of the two minute tracks, from 15 to 45 past the hour.  The watch itself is in a 46mm x 13mm stainless steel case rated to 3 ATM, with a variety of optional PVD coatings (rose gold, gold, gunmetal, and black).  All told, there are 6 options, and some of the $350/369 early bird watches are still available, with the price jumping to $399 for those late to the party.

Xeric Halograph Chrono 01If you want a little more functionality, there is also a quartz driven chronograph model available.  I like how the three registers are laid out here on the bottom of the dial, with disks for hands.  It is a modern and clean update to the chronograph style, and a way to present the registers that is somewhat atypical.  The case here is 44mm x 11mm thick, and both watches have a highly domes K1 crystals, giving an extra 5mm of height.  The chrono is also available in PVD gold, PVD rose gold and stainless cases, and early birds can grab them for $189, jumping to $199 when those are pledged.

If the watch interest you, check out the Kickstarter page.  The brand has 2 successful deliveries and the creators are the guys behind, so the risk is minimal in my opinion. If you picked up one of the previous models, I would love to hear from you below on the build quality of the watches and how you like the way the time i presented.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Xeric Halograph Automatic and Halograph Chrono
  • Price: Early bird pricing of $350/$369 for the automatics jumping to $399, and $189 jumping to $199 for the quartz.
  • Who we think it might be for: You want something a little different, but still recognizable as a watch.
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: I like this the best of the three models to date, but it isn’t my style.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: The second hand is really small (I think hat inner-most wheel is a second hand), especially for the chrono.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: I like how the registers are done on the chronograph.

Tech Specs from Xeric

  • Movement: PTS Resources S-01 dual balance wheel for the automatic, Miyota JS50 quartz for the chronograph
  • Functions: Three had automatic; three hand quartz with sub registers for chrono seconds, minutes and 24 hours.
  • Case: Stainless steel with optional PVD rose gold, and gold and black and gunmetal for the automatics.
  • Glass: 5mm highly domes K1 crystal
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM
  • Lug width: 22mm
  • Straps:  Calfskin leather.
  • Diameter: 46 mm automatic, 44 mm quartz
  • Case Height: 13 mm automatic, 11 mm quartz

Christopher Ward Trident Collection, A Four Pronged Update

Christopher Ward Trident COSC 02Christopher Ward gets a fair bit of love here at WWR, mainly because they produce high quality, attractive watches at affordable price points.  Now in their 10th year, the company is updating their line of dive watches, the Christopher Ward Trident Collection.  The new collection offers four choices of movements, along with a number of other improvements and two case sizes.

Bronze is back with the Obris Morgan Nautilus

When I first encountered Obris Morgan, they were just like me – fairly new to the world of watches.  While those first watches were decent, they weren’t particularly of note.  Fortunately, as the brand has matured, they’ve created their own design direction, and there have been some lovely pieces coming out of their factory.  Their latest features a prominently scalloped bezel, and bronze.  It’s known as the Obris Morgan Nautilus.

Light up the night with the Ball Fireman Night Train III

While I may not be super deep in the weeds of all the options there have been, the Ball Fireman lineup has quickly become one of my favorites (you can see my prior forays into the collection here).  Just recently, Ball announced a new addition to the line, and I have to say, I am a bit smitten.  I talk, of course, of the new Ball Fireman Night Train III.

Taking a Look at the Smith & Bradley Springfield


Over the last year-plus, we have spent time with just about every watch that has come from the team down in Sidney, IL. Some of these have been with watches that were already in production and hitting normal retail channels, and others – like we have today – we actually got to wear around while a Kickstarter campaign was underway. This latest campaign – which is more than fully-funded at this point – is for the brand’s first field watch, the Smith & Bradley Springfield.

H2O Kalmar 2 Goes Deep, Really Deep


h2o_kalmar_ii_oceanictime_se_6000m_05Overbuilt dive watches are pretty easy to find, with depth ratings going into the 1,000s of feet territory, well beyond what all but the tiniest percentage of technical divers could ever hope to come close to needing.  But watches that get into the 10s of 1,000s, that is getting in the rare air (or deep water to be more apt) of specifications.  Two new models of the H2O Kalmar 2 watch do just that, with ratings of 6,000 meters (~20,000 feet) and 8,000 meters (~26,000 feet) respectively.

Let the sky fall… this is the Monta Skyquest

While I cannot say I paid super-close attention to every release that came out of BaselWorld, there were a few that followed very, very closely.  One was, of course, the Tudor Black Bay GMT announcement, which I know has been a little divisive for some.  One of the others was also a GMT release, from a brand I just recently got acquainted with – Monta.  Of course, it helps that when I heard of the Monta Skyquest, I immediately had the Skyfall theme running in my head (apologies for the ear worm).

Introducing Moto Koure’s MK I

The Moto Koure micro brand is offering a 70s era racing watch that makes you think a Heuer Silverstone and Monaco had a baby.  At least, that’s what the Moto Koure MK I calls to mind for me.

The Watchismo Xeric Xeriscope Squared, Literally, Squared

Xeric XERISCOPE2 SQUARED 01Last year, watch retailer Watchismo decided to get into the watch building business, with a Kickstarter campaign for the Xeric Xeriscope.  They had a little bit of success, with pledges totaling over 10x the funding goal of $40,000.  Today, they are back with their second watch, the Xeric Xeriscope Squared, a definite close relative to the original watch.

Seals Watch Co. Dark Seal: The Perfect Tool Watch?

One of the aspects I like most about the micro brand watch community is the ability to connect one on one with a brand’s owner. Most micro brands are one-man shops. These guys are just like you and me. They’re watch nuts. They just take it a step further and design and sell watches that they themselves would, and do wear. Today we’re taking a look at the new Seals Watch Co. Dark Seal.