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Difues Single pull-through straps: The best upgrade for your watch


Max Difues watch straps are among the best deals available.

Difues hand-makes his straps from the best leather using genuine shell Cordovan from Italy.

Replacing your watch strap is the single biggest affordable upgrade you can make to your watch.

Zero Compromises Given: The Orange Watch Co 6538 BOND

What happens when you as a small micro-brand want to make the ultimate dive watch? The first step is, how do you define ‘ultimate’? Orange Watch Company (OWC) makes their vision a reality by optimizing each part for its job. What’s that even mean?

The Citizen ProMaster Diver Limited Edition BN0141-53E – I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul.

It’s not a very closely guarded secret that I like lighter weight watches. Titanium is an interesting material, because it is both lightweight, hard to machine, and tough at holding up against the brutish, rough and tumble world. Citizen used to make wonderful watches, and here’s one from the back catalogue that I really wish they would revive.

Matrix PowerWatch: a watch that will keep alive for as long as you are


I’ve written about my concept of the apocalypse watch before. I’ve written about quartz and eco-drive. The process is this: What’s going to keep time under an apocalyptic situation where there are no replacement batteries, where there’s no service for mechanical watches, and where shocks are probably prevalent. Matrix PowerWatch 2 presents an interesting solution. It’s powered by the sun (okay, that’s been done before) and energy generated based on the temperature differential between the surface of your skin and the back of the watch.

WWR got a makeover


As per usual, my reactive WordPress management techniques has forced me to update WWR with a new theme and some new tricks. Essentially, the old theme was too slow and it was crashing the server, a byproduct of having 10,000+ posts on this monstrosity of a site. So now there’s a new version up and it should a lot smoother on mobile.

Thanks for reading and please bear with us.

Tudor Black Bay Red – the original from 2012

This picture courtesy @jelliottz

Let’s revisit the original Tudor Black Bay Red. This is the watch that relaunched Tudor in North America, and if I’m honest, gave Tudor new life as a brand.

The Phoibos Ocean Master is a diver done right.

Back when I first got certified to scuba dive I used to love going to the dive shop and checking out all the cool dive watches in the case. What I liked about the watches at the dive shop is that they are made to take diving. There are so many “dive watches” out there that will never go beyond a swimming pool. Many of them couldn’t even handle real dive conditions. Well I cam across the Phoibos Ocean Master while browsing divers online and I reached out to them. They we able to send me one out to review and I really like what I see. Want to see a real dive watch? Keep reading.

The Dial

Any real divers watch should have a dial that’s simple and visible in all conditions. This Phoibos Ocean Master has done good on the dial. Its a simple three hander with date. One of the most important parts on a dive watch is that minute hand. You don’t time your dive in hours, you time it in minutes, so that minute hand has to stand out. In this case the minute hand is bright orange which is one of the best color choices to use when diving. When descending most colors will start to fade but the orange color tends to not fade out. The hour makers are very large and in any condition they will be easy to see at a glance. Protecting the dial is sapphire crystal. The bezel is 120 click unidirectional with very little play. Great part about the bezel is its very easy grip and rotate. Even with wet hands or with dive gloves on there is always good grip on the bezel. The hands on this Ocean Master are mounted to a reliable Seiko SII NH35A automatic movement.

The Case

Made from 316L brushed Stainless steel and measuring in at 43mm wide and 14.5mm thick this watch is large but not crazy large like some divers out there. Although this case is pretty thick its still comfortable on the wrist because of the tapered case back. This watch is rated with a water resistance of 1000m or 3300ft. This is serious dive watch territory. The crown is screw down and of course for a serious dive watch there must be the helium valve. This has a manual helium release valave at the 2’oclock position. For most people this is a cool talking point but for the few deep diving commercial divers its a real necessity.

The Bracelet

Normally on watches that are in the sub 500 dollar range I find that the bracelets tend to pinch and pull hair which can be very annoying. With the Phoibos Ocean Master I did not find that an issue at all. The bracelet which is made from 316L brushed stainless steel is very smooth and like are tight so there is no pulling or pinching going on. The clasp is double locking and has a divers extension. If you are going to make a real dive watch you need that divers extension.

Loving that lume!

The hands and indices are filled with Super-LumiNova C3 . Charge time is quick and the glow lasts for a long time. All that you need to see in low light is very visible.

[amazon_link asins=’B000B5MI3Q,B000OP1M6M,B01MZB6TE0,B003JQLHY0′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wristwatchrev-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b045f732-1b0d-11e8-9f97-d5e6376be1c4′]

Overall Impression

If you want a dive watch that can really be a dive watch then the Phoibos Ocean Master is a pretty good choice. With great water resistance, helium valve, and divers extension this can cover all that a diver could need. Build quality is excellent and for all this the price is only $299 USD which is $100 off of the retail price of $399 which is great for all you get. If you want one go check them out at

Review Summary

  • Brand and model: Phoibos Ocean Master
  • Price: Retail $399 USD on sale right now for $299 USD 
  • Who’s it for? Tool watch folks and actual divers.
  • Would I wear it? For sure. 
  • What I’d change: Nothing, its a real diver. 
  • The best thing about it: Overall quality. 

Tech Specs from Phoibos

  • Case:316L Stainless steel 43mmX 48mm
  • Band:316L Stainless steel 22mm width bracelet
  • Clasp:Three-fold clasp with push button release
  • Glass:Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance:1000M(3300ft)
  • Case size: Diameter 43.0mm Thickness 14.5mm
  • Bezel:120-click unidirectional bezel
  • Helium Release Valve: at 2 o’clock position
  • Crown:Screw-Down crown
  • Lume:Super-LumiNova C3 on hands, indices

The Steinhart Ocean 39: Now we’re sharing the same dream


Steinhart is no stranger to making dive watches. They have a number of fans among the watch forums, and a history of using proper Swiss movements in their cases. In recent history, the trend has been to make larger watches, and I sincerely hope this is a sign of that trend subsiding.

Crowdfunding: XERIC Trappist-1 NASA, Apollo 11, and life among the stars


it’s launch day. Today in 1969, the Apollo 11 crew got up around 4 a.m. and began preparing for their flight. They had a 9:32 a.m. rocket to catch. But it’s also launch day for Xeric’s Trappist-1 NASA Edition. Commencing countdown, engines on…

Limited edition: The bronze Borealis Adraga watch – big, bold, bronze


CuSn8 is the correct notation for the particular Bronze allow that Borealis is using on the Adraga, a new, limited edition explorer’s watch. There are four variations, limited to 25 pieces each. It’s an excellent interpretation of the field watch, and we hope you manage to pre-order one.